By Brandis Ohlsson

56-year-old Madonna made a surprise appearance at Coachella last weekend. Which is really isn’t newsworthy in my opinion, but definitely gossip worthy. Coachella, which is an annual music and arts festival held in Indio, California, or, a giant concert where celebrities and their teenage offspring flock to dress like boho hipsters while getting photographed for style blogs, pretending to listen to music.

Madonna is a legend, there is no doubt. But with a lineup that included a bunch of people I have never heard of, including Ab-Soul, Alison Wonderland, An-Ten-Nae, B.R.E.E.D ECT, I’m not sure it was really the Madonna fan base that was at the festival to begin with. She’s great, but lets face it- she’s not appealing to teenagers.

While at Coachella, Madonna did what she does best, and made out with another famous singer on stage. Surprising festivalgoers, Madonna joined Drake during his closing set, and just before exciting the stage, she stuck her tongue down Drake’s throat, very reminiscent of the great Brittany/Christina make out sesh of the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards.

Is Madonna too old for this kind of behavior? Should she act her age? If she were my mom, I’d probably say yes. Because she’s not, I say more power to her. It works for her. She’s her very own PR machine. Let’s be honest; how many other female celebrities are still making consistent headlines at 56 years old? Get it girl.

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