She’s 18 years old, based in Melbourne, Australia and is insanely beautiful. Mark my words, Bridget Hollit, will be huge. Representing every ‘It girl’ in the world, Bridget models, acts and sings (even without any formal training). On top of that she is a total genius who aced her final exams.

Image above: Sonny Vandevelde

How did you first get into the world of modelling?

I was a finalist in the Girlfriend model search in 2010 and landed a contract with Chic.

Amazing, There are definitely some stunners coming out of Chic.

What is your ethnicity?

Half Chinese/Half Aussie

No wonder you are so beautiful.

Who is your style inspo?

I get inspiration from heaps of different sources….My friend Sam is a fashion queen because she dresses perfectly to suit her appearance and personality, so I think she’s pretty cool. I don’t really have a fashion icon per se, because I think style should be different for every person.

Describe your fashion style in 3 words.Ana Suntay-Tanedo (Photos by)

Eclectic, Variable, Youthful.

What’s your favourite item in your wardrobe?

My Nike ‘Roshe’ runs. They are so comforting, especially after a long week in uncomfortable heels.

Comfort – I like the way you think.

The coolest jobs I’ve done so far are . . . 

I just shot the new Sportsgirl campaign last week, which is exciting. I shot a Forever New Campaign, Mecca Cosmetics, I walked in the David Jones A/W launch this year and I’m currently at the airport about to head down to Melbourne for VAMFF!

Ok, so they are REALLY cool jobs! So exciting.

Who is your favourite designer and why?

Right now I’m loving Toni Maticevski. He’s toeing the line between sharp structure and sweet, girly elegance.

Maticevski is the greatest. One of my favourite staples of his current collection is the ‘Hazzard Overcoat’ – the black mesh, perfect in SO many ways.

Do you get to travel much with work?

Haven’t gotten to travel yet, but really want to! I’ve never been to London, but I’ve always dreamed of going there.

London is such a fashion hub, you will love it.

Image by: Ana Suntay-Tañedo

Bridgett, you are officially the epitome of brains and beauty – congratulations on achieving dux!

How did you juggle school and modelling?

Thank you!! To be honest, I didn’t really… school for me was an opportunity to explore drama and music whilst setting a foundation for my future. So that was my big juggle in high school. Since a lot of work was up in Sydney and I was living in Melbourne, I knew it would be difficult going to castings and jobs while trying to coordinate everything I had going on in Melbourne. I communicated the importance of school to my agency and they were so amazingly understanding. I did a few jobs here and there throughout my final years of school and dealt with any classes I missed by being proactive, emailing teachers to find out what I’d missed, all to get ahead when I knew I would be losing homework time in the near future. Now I’m taking a bit of time before uni to really focus my energy on modelling.

Well, it all paid off. You’re killing the modelling world right now and you nailed your final year of school.

Do you have any study tips to pass on to current HSC students?

  • Never compare yourself to others. Learn how you learn and stick to that.
  • Just revel in the discipline and structure it gives you, and enjoy feeling like you’re working   towards achieving your full potential
  • Grasp all opportunities offered to you, and be busy.
  • Ask questions, and learn concepts in more detail than you need to know.

– Choose subjects you are passionate about, but gain info from lots of different sources including other text books, people who have done well in the past, other students. Don’t only rely on your teachers.

Eddie New (Photos by)

Image by: Eddie New

Eddie New (Photo by)

Image by: Eddie New

So, is uni something you have thought about or is modelling number one in your life right now?

I definitely want to study at uni. As well as having a back up plan, I really want to have a career in something other than entertainment/fashion at some point in my life. There are so many things that interest me and I only have a limited time to cram it all in! So I’m currently planning on studying arts and law at Melbourne university next year, and I’m really excited because as dorky as this is, I miss learning!!

That makes sense, if you are as talented as you are, why limit yourself to one industry and profession?

In your opinion, is modelling a talent you are born with or like any craft, something you have to practice and learn?

The last 2 months have taught me that it is definitely a craft you work at. Particular physical attributes will help you in modelling but more and more every day people are challenging these ‘rules’ and proving that success in modelling can be just as much about hard work, or having something ‘special’, as it is about height and measurements. I think the most magnetic and engaging models are the ones with palpable confidence, spirit and determination. I think the people who are good in front of the camera have practiced, know the angles that work for them and are not afraid to take risks.

These are things that I want to focus on improving now, because I’ve realised that good modelling is so much more than just frolicking in front of a camera. One more thing I want to work on is being able to receive the brief or the ‘story’ that you need to tell 15 minutes before you have to tell it. As a person who has always prepared for things in time, I often don’t really grasp the brief until after the shoot is over and I have all these amazing ideas for what I could have done! You’ve got to be good on your feet and be able to adhere to the vision of the shoot without delay, and I think that is a difficult skill that comes with experience.

Mecca CampaignPeople generally underestimate the commitment involved in modelling. I love talking to girls like you, who constantly challenge shallow perceptions of models.

What inspires you?

People who are focused, who know what they want and who go for it. I’m pretty focused when I know what I want but it’s just a question of figuring out what that is!

My amazing sisters: one’s in Med school and one is doing her first year of internship as a Doctor. Their intelligence and hard work inspired me all the way through schooling.

People who put their friends first, despite their own personal desires and ambitions.

People who have taken their fame and used it to feed good causes also inspire me. For example Emma Watson… My beliefs pretty much align with hers and I’m so glad she’s putting them out there.

I love your first focus inspiration, so true.

Ok, time for some quirky questions, you ready?

If I could be best friends with any model it would be . . .  

. . . probably Cara Delevingne. She seems really unconventional and free spirited.

Something that most people don’t know about models is that we . . .

. . . have to be able to really think on our feet and be prepared for anything. We’re our own directors most of the time.

It’s my day off, I’m …

. . . running errands, writing letters, getting good food with good friends . . . or sleeping!

First word that comes to your mind when I say:

  • Cronut – YESAna Suntay-Tanedo (Photo by)
  • Paris – ambience 
  • Crocs – pool
  • Kitten – AHH!
  • Faux Fur – small doses
  • Kale – . . but I haven’t tried it so I guess I shouldn’t judge!

Grammys or Oscars?


Favourite food?

I can’t choose between tacos and pancakes….so maybe burritos?

What is on your “Kick back and relax” playlist?

– Shine by Felix Jaehn

– Home by the Falls

– Song for Grace by Animaux

Secret talents? 

I love to sing, play piano and violin. I also love acting, but I probably wouldn’t describe these as secret talents…probably more public passions!

Image by: Ana Suntay-Tañedo

Wow. You are crazy talented.

If you were guaranteed to make it big in either the modelling world, acting sphere or music industry what would you choose?

I don’t ever intend on choosing. One of the biggest hurdles I’ve had to overcome over the years, is people telling you, “you can’t do everything” and I’ve always tried to prove them wrong. But if I absolutely HAD to, I think I would choose acting. It has the catharsis that I get from music, and modelling to me is another form of acting. You have a story to tell and a character to portray. Acting is also quite analytical which I like, and I find the psychoanalysis of characters really fascinating. But I really do love them all equally! 

If anyone is going to do everything, I think it will be you! I totally get where you are coming from though, acting does provide the same emotional escape as music and modelling is at the core, a form of theatre.

This final question is one of my favourites, it really gives us insight into personality and passion.

If you were given opportunity to liaise with every world leader for a day, what would you discuss and why?

I think two of our most pressing problems are poverty, and the feelings of ostracism that lead to a lot of the anger and pain in our world. I think we should look to a cultural shift away from materialism, and keep trying to rid ourselves of the divisions we have placed between cultures, religions etc. that spark the kind of acts of violence and anger we’ve been witnessing lately.

By Justice Jones

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Image by: Eddie New