By Gabby Neal

Summer is literally right around the corner and if like me, you’re holding onto the memories of big coats and oversized jumpers and are now hiding under the covers scared to leave the house; annoyed that you didn’t start the ‘bikini bod’ prep – well I found just the thing.

The triple threat model-approved workouts guaranteed to whip yo ass’ into shape!

And although you maayyyyy need to hold off on some of that pasta, bread and delicious cheese for now; results are proven and can definitely be felt if not seen, overnight!


A high intensity workout designed to get your heart rate high and your body to cry. Literally. Boxing is one of those things which if you haven’t done it before will make you feel every inch of your body; muscles you didn’t even know existed in parts of your body didn’t even know could be felt! It’s a full body workout where your core is turned on, abs are on fire and arms feel like jelly; It’s a super calorie burner’ exercise that’s for sure.

Models who box: Gigi Hadid, Georgia Fowler, Elsa Hosk, Adriana Lima

The ring:
Sydney – Transpose Fitness @transposefitness
New York – Gotham Gym @gothamgym


Less vigorous but just as intense; barre classes are designed to tone and manipulate the muscle underneath. With small, repetitive movements these time efficient, sweat inducing classes will help strengthen and lean out your body. Because you’re targeting some of the larger muscle groups (think thighs, butts etc) you’ll raise your metabolic rate, producing more energy and thus expending more calories. Pretty much working on the basis of the larger the muscle, the higher calories burned.

Models who barre: Martha Hunt, Lily Aldridge, Stella Maxwell

The studio:
Sydney – Lean Bean Fitness @leanbeanfitness
New York – Ballet Beautiful @balletbeautiful


The one workout every model swears by. If you can’t do either of the above, then we definitely recommend incorporating this baby into your workout regime. Working just as well on its own or in conjunction with other workouts, it’s a winner as it can easily be done at home or on the road with a mat or in a studio and on a reformer. By combining various elements of yoga, ballet and calisthenics into a core twisting, butt lifting and tummy tightening exercise; pilates will ultimately change the shape of your body and get you looking schmik’ in no time.

Models who pilate’: Lily Aldridge, Georgia Fowler, Candice Swanepoel

The studio:
Sydney – Fluid Form Pilates @fluidformpilates
New York – New York Pilates @newyorkpilates

So come on, go find that expensive activewear and put it to good use!


….of course with a coffee after.