Pilates is one of the most preferred sports or pass times this generation has ever seen. Whether you’re a sportswear socialiser or sportswear sweater, pilates combines all the elements of yoga, ballet and calisthenics into a holistic exercise guaranteed to get you looking bikini-body ready in no time.

Improving strength, flexibility, balance and body awareness, it’s a sport enjoyed by more than one of the AMFAMily members. Religiously practised by the likes of Georgia Fowler, Sara Sampaio and Shanina Shaik, there’s no wonder it’s hit the ground running with the general public.

However, what you mightn’t have known is that there’s a new kid on the block shaking things up with her own, unique, boutique studio’s. The difference you ask? The offering of personalised sessions, each tailored to the individual in the efforts of reaching and smashing goals one plank at a time.

And as i’m sure you can imagine, anything practised by the models (notably the VS models) is something that we too want in on so as to share with you!

So we sat down with Kirsten King the founder of Fluidform Pilates to explain first hand, what’s so damn good about it.

fluid form pilates

OK so, basic Pilates… why the hype? Are the benefits really that amazing? What are they?

It’s simple, you feel muscles you never knew existed, your body changes as a result like no other exercise you have ever done before.

A sculpted, lean, strong body!

So what is the difference between normal Pilates and Fluidform Pilates?

At Fluidform we take the time to design a program specifically for you and to continuously update it over time as your body changes throughout. We design a program specific to your needs and use a variety of equipment to achieve long lean muscles and strength in your slow twitch fibres (stabilising muscles). No class is ever the same because no client is the same.

I’m assuming you’ve always been a keen Pilates goer, so how did you find this? What was the a-hah moment that triggered the interest?

I just LOVED how I felt in the studio and loved even more the results it had on my body. I used to be a keen runner and tri-athlete but my body was at its best when I did Pilates 3 times a week. I also love the relaxation and mind-body connection you get when working out! It’s very therapeutic.

fluid form pilates
fluid form pilates
fluid form pilates

So if I turned up, never having been before – what’s the process and what could I expect as a result a month or two down the track?

You would come in and have a 1:1 (Initial Consultation) where we assess your strengths, highlight your weaknesses and chat to you about what you want to achieve. And within that hour you also get a workout. At the end we suggest a plan for you and your body. We then develop your program and when you next join a class (1 teacher to 4 clients) you begin your personalised program and journey to achieving optimal posture and strength.

The best results are achieved when attending 2-3 sessions a week. If you are doing 3 sessions a week over 2 months you will be addicted and I mean addicted!

As a business, if I’m not mistaken, you’re the only one around doing this – so how do you see this growing? What’s the ultimate goal?

We are very unique at Fluidform. Our passion for Pilates is extremely evident the minute you walk into our studios. The Fluidform team is unique and talented. Every instructor has their own style but our goals and empathy for clients are identical.

We currently have a lot of demand both in inner and outer Sydney and Melbourne so we are working on a few things hopefully coming into play the next few months.

fluid form pilates
fluid form pilates
fluid form pilates

Social media is a big thing of yours, you’re training a lot of industry professionals and models all sharing the love through IG – is this something you’re consciously aware of and pushing?

I personally struggle to find the time to dedicate to Instagram. I try really hard and some weeks I’m great and other weeks I’m terrible.

I also see so many clients caught up in the Instagram world rather than living their lives so I try not to make it a focus in my own life or studio space.

I have so many amazing clients, some  prominent on social media and others not. My view is if you love Pilates and love Fluidform it doesn’t matter if you share that message through Instagram, over a coffee. The new found confidence and strength in your body will communicate the message and people will know about Fluidform as a result.

What’s been your biggest achievement with Fluidform?

The number of people, who as a result of Pilates, are living happier, healthier, pain free lives!

I saw recently a post on your IG celebrating model Georgia Fowler and her Victoria’s Secret success – that’s pretty amazing? Does it feel pretty amazing to be a part of such an incredible journey?

Oh my goodness of course! Georgia is a devine human being, humble and beautiful and deserves every success. To have helped her even in the smallest way continue to live a dream of hers is very rewarding! I Love the VS Show so to have trained one of those beauties is totally amazing!

fluid form pilates






fluid form pilates georgia fowler

Now no one can really see results based on Pilates alone – so what are your top three ‘things’ that you believe need to be incorporated to achieve full effect?

Well, I might beg to differ. A lot of my clients come to me for change and longer, leaner bodies. With Pilates alone, 3 times a week you really don’t need anything else. But if you are wanting something else, I suggest walking hills or controlled boxing (by this I mean with a professional who teaches technique and control).
*See here our interview with Transpose Fitness – the boxing trainers who also train Georgia!

And lastly, what’s your go-to active wear when training? We need a little inspiration…

I love Lululemon and Pe Nation! It’s a great mix. But saying that I have so many brands in my wardrobe, I’m always buying new tights and crops and shoes! I live in lycra and activewear, so much so that when my day off comes I forgot how to dress in normal clothes!

*Make sure you head to their website if you want to get in for a class – they’ve just opened a new Sydney based location with new timetables available!