By Gabby Neal

As we’ve grown up, the concept of washing our face has evolved as well. Now that we’re in our mid-twenties or early thirties, we can’t really rely on the good old splash a bit of water and we’re good to go, method anymore. We actually have to look after our skin and use products that are scientifically proven to serve a purpose – and yes, believe it or not, they actually do.

For most, it seems like a simple enough task; wash your face, cleanse, tone, moisturize. And as much we might forget to take off our make up before bed, there are a few more simple things that make the world of difference we’re forgetting too!

After A Night Out Take Off Your Make Up First, And Then Cleanse

One of the things I’ve noticed a lot of my friends doing when coming home from a night out, is that although they’re cleansing, they’re forgetting to take off their make-up first. Most cleansers don’t necessarily take off all the layers of concealer or foundation (especially around the nose) so it’s important to remember to use a face wipe first, then cleanser, so it can get in deep and it can do what it’s meant to do.

Wash Your Face At The Right Time – Don’t Over Do It

How many times are you meant to wash your face…once, twice? To be honest, I have no idea and from my research efforts it seems there is no one size fits all. It all depends on you and you only. Obviously, key thing –  you don’t want to overdo it, that’s just stupid and we all know it leads to irritation and dry skin – not good. What you should do though is basically wash your face after a workout (prevents breakouts) and  after a night out (prevents even more breakouts).

And pretty much, as a general rule of thumb: if you’ve got oily skin, twice a day and if dry, once a day.

Wash Your Hands Before Your Face

Duh!! I mean, washing our hands is common practise in our day-to-day lives, but where we forget, is washing our hands before our face. Think about it…you’ve been out all day (or night) doing god knows what, and then come home and literally, place all those germs amassed on your dirty hands, straight onto your face and into those clogged up pores.

Common sense right there.

Machine Wash Your Face Cloth

You need to wash the cloth you use on your face at least once a week. It’s the thing you use to take off the dirt, and even though you rinse it under hot water, it’s still going to hold onto that dirt.

See, a few simple but easily missed steps in the whole ima-have-glowing-skin process that you now have no excuse to forget.