By Simi A Mira

We are coming up to the crazy frenzy of the holiday season. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years are all approaching fast. I’d hate to admit, I am a lazy girl at heart. I don’t always feel like spending hours constructing the perfect outfit or wardrobe. I want to get dressed quickly and feel comfortable while I’m out and about.

If you are anything like me, comfort comes first and style comes in at a close second. But sometimes, I am not too willing to compromise style for comfort– and strive to reach balance in both comfort and style. Here are five “Lazy Girl”holiday inspired looks for seasonal parties, winter casual wear, family gathering attire and just a bit of everything for the holiday season.

Winter Noir: Sleek All Black Street Attire

Sometimes we must wear black. Sometimes we must wear all black. This entirely black ensemble, minus the scarf, is the perfect winter street clothes. It pairs black pants with a black jacket, gorgeous black velvet heels, and the warmth of a knitted scarf giving you a slimming and sleek look while out strutting on the snowy streets of your downtown. It’s easy and simple as well as comfortable. Who said it was impossible to look fly and be comfy at the same time?

all black

Lazy Comfy Winter Outfit: Grey Sweater and Pants With Black Shoes

This, my friends, is literally the most comfy outfit you can put on and still be considered publically acceptable. Pairing a grey sweater and sweat pants, you can’t get any more comfy than that. The black satchel and boots dresses up the outfit a bit to leave you feeling less guilty about feeling so good in this outfit. This attire would be great for lounging around the house with family or for Thanksgiving dinner, mostly because you can eat whatever you heart desires without unbuckling your belt loop. Yeah, you’re welcome.

grey jumper1
grey jumper

Dress Up Your Fit With Embellished Beaded Blazer

Don’t feel guilty to totally dress down in a basic tee and jeggings because what will dress you back up is an embellished sweater or jacket and a fetching handbag to add a little something something to your basic wear. Simple, easy, and great for going shopping, meeting up with friends for drinks, or out at a get together Saturday night.

embellished jacket
embellished jacket

Pair A Neutral Sweater With Black Leggings And Bright Flats

Pair a neutral sweater with black leather leggings and bright pointed flats. Simple, lazy, comfy, and effective. Enjoy the cold weather, holiday parties and family get togethers in this super cozy fit. The flats add a pop of color to enhance and dress-up this rather cozy ensemble.

barefoot blonde bright flats
bright flats

Perfect Lazy-Girl Holiday Party Wear

This fit counts as a double whammy: both comfy and perfect for Christmas or New Years parties. And guess what? You don’t have to compromise your comfort for this look. Pair a long sleeve shirt (any color that you desire) with a medium length ruffles skirt and strappy black heels. A dressed-up dressed-down paradox, but quite effective for keeping your comfort while still being fashionable while entertaining during the holidays.

selena black skirt
black skirt1