By Michele Smith

While most fashion shows have the appearance of calm, cool and collected from a spectator’s position from the runway seats, most do not realize the utter chaos that goes on back stage. The following is a sneak peek into what goes on behind the curtain.

What the average person would find is a pandemonium of stylists, publicists, make-up artists, models and personal assistants striving to make the designer’s vision come into fruition. This team is responsible for making the show perfect down to every detail.

Typically, the call time is 2 hours prior to the start of a show. Models are requested at 1 or even up to 4 shows a day, so this means there is some extensive running around combined with different hair styles, make-up and designer outfits for every show.

Prior to the day of the fashion show, most models have a fitting with the designer. This way the clothes are tailored to fit perfectly, so models can change from outfit to outfit effortlessly. The day of the event begins with a flock of models dressed in sweat pants racing to the backstage show location – a sight most do not get to see.

The overall backstage scene consists of models quietly glued to their phones texting their agents, stylists buzzing around them in a frenzy; while publicists and personal assistants are barking requests left and right. Hair stylists are also running around bobby pins in tow, curling and yanking curlers, while surrounded in a fog of hair spray. The hair stylists are also equipped with various hair extension pieces, are carefully scrutinizing blow outs and have to stick with the “theme” of the show (i.e. examples from the past include decades, goth, punk, seasonal, high fashion, unconventional and classic to name a few of the most popular themes from the past).

Many models are also dealing with funky hair from previous shows and hair stylists use a product like Sally’s Major Body 3-In-1 Spray Volumizing Spray which works like a dry shampoo and makes greasy hair easier to style for the show.

The designer will typically do a brief walk through at the eleventh hour with his/her flock of a team and fashion groupies. Once the models are strapped and pinned in the latest designs complete with designer shoes the show begins. Every detail down to the very last button and clip is monitored. Last but not least, the second the show is over the backstage crew wraps up quickly, the teams depart and leave the rooms empty for the next fashion show event team to move in.

The atmosphere behind a fashion show is crazy and hectic, but when the music starts most models feel the excitement and simply feel alive. Every model loves the fact they receive immediate attention and reaction from the public, instead of waiting for an article being published by the press. This is a realistic behind the scenes look behind the ultimate fashion week in New York.