By Alex K
Blog – Runway Duty

Although not many people in my town don’t do sports, I know a lot of models are too busy for outside activities. The difficult thing is that you can’t expect to get jobs if you’re not fit. So what’s an activity that doesn’t take much time out of your day, but gets you fit and feeling strong? Kickboxing.

Unlike most of my friends I play zero sports- I just don’t have the time now. But I still need to be able to make it up three flights of stairs at school without passing out, or walk down the runway and not be gasping for air.

First, I tried running outside. This seemed like a good idea, until I actually set out and found myself constantly slipping on ice from the recent Nor’Easter blizzard. Until I found a treadmill, running was out of the picture.

Then I tried doing workouts at home on my floor, using youtuber “Blogilates” as my mentor. I found, however, it was more than difficult to motivate myself everyday after school to work out- plus, no one was there to see me flake.

Finally, my friend Maya texted me, and asked me if I wanted to try kickboxing with her. With no other options, I quickly responded with a thumbs-up emoji.

The class was an hour long and burned off over 700 calories. We both enjoyed it so much over an angry rowing coach or a 5-mile run. The best part wasn’t even the awesome muscles we gained, it was how it eased our stress.

After a long and busy day at school, it was nice to go to a class (out of town, away from my peers) and just punch over and over. Punching and kicking not only builds muscle and burns fat, and burns off all anger and anxieties.

The trend

A lot of the famous models and Victoria’s Secret Angels are catching on to the kickboxing trend as well. Karlie Kloss, Gigi Hadid, Taylor Swift, and Elsa Hosk to name a few.

“I only box. It’s the only thing that keeps me sane. I can’t just go to the gym and run. I’d rather die” said Hadid. Hadid’s trainer Rob Piela understands the pressure she’s under as well. Sometimes they just “lie on the floor and talk.”

You don’t have to be a model to kick box. Most of the women in my class are tattooed mother’s or grandmother’s. I actually feel more of an outsider, but they’re all sweet and give me tips on punching.

model workout
model workout

The benefits

1. Kickboxing requires the use of all muscle groups. Upper body, lower body, and core. “The legs become more toned and defined through the kicks and jumping movements. The core and torso area of the body is conditioned through the requirements to rotate, bend and support all movements and sequences that are performed. The back, shoulders and arms are conditioned through the movements that require punching and blocking” said FitnessHealth101.

2. It improves your flexibility, as well as your balance and agility.

3. Always a challenging activity- you can always improve.

4. Raises the heart rate and improves cardiovascular activity.

5. You get all your anger out on the bag or your partner instead of your annoying sibling or nagging parent.

6. The skills you learn can actually be used. Warn anyone who wants to rob your house before-hand.

model workout
model workout

As a side note, if you’ve been injured during your workout session or at work, contact a personal injury lawyer to determine the strength of your case to file a claim. A lawyer will represent you and will ensure that you get the best medical care and the compensation you are entitled to.