By Michele Smith
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While many fashionistas consider denim fashion as a trend most popular in the 80’s (think jean jacket), the truth of the matter is that designer jeans have taken the market by storm and denim has continued to debut at the spring fashion shows. The following are the trending items that you will see while out and about; and should be a part of your 2016 denim wardrobe. At the end of the day, these trends are very apparent that 90’s looks are back and very reminiscent of the skater girl and pop British band boy days – of course with a few exceptions.

1. The Long Denim Skirt

Say your goodbyes to the short denim skirt and hello to the long denim skirt which is all of the rage for 2016. Trending among the most popular is a floor length denim with a slit and the look becomes complete with a pair of heels or knee high boots. This is not to say the short denim skirts in non-traditional jean colors are not all the rage either. Skinny Jeans made a huge impact at the Spring Fashion week with a lack of pants. The Skinny jeans models were clad in 70’s style separates and sported fetching A-line skirts.

long skirt denim

long denim skirt
long denim skir

2. Print Denim

What is print denim? For the most part print denim is exactly what the description implies – trendy patterns on denim. This look is the ultimate change for the wardrobe blues, because this look can be complete with something as simple as a white tee shirt. Print denim made its appearance in the fashion shows in a variety of different colors and jean styles. The main point is that print is in.

denim print

print denim
print denim

3. Feminine

This fashion statement is all glam for lack of a better word. The feminine denim trend made a huge splash during fashion week and Alexander McQueen reigned as the Vogue favorite. The statement comes in variety of styles, but think oversized jackets with lots of bling to bring out the inner girly in you. The trend has also appeared in recent years with the ongoing blingy jean phenomenon.

embroidered denim

embroidered denim1
bling denim

4. Patchwork

No, we are not talking about grandma’s knitting here. While the look is a little bit county, the runways shows certainly made this look a trend for 2016. The patchwork look is simply exactly as stated – patches of different color denim. The trend can be found in jeans and especially jackets.

patchwork denim1

pathwork denim
patchwork denim

According to Vogue, the denim runway favorites for 2016 were Chanel’s printed denim (laser floral) and the chambray or feminine blue jean dress. Adam Selman debuted a stunning A-line frock, Suno offered a belted and tiered look; while Chloe’s look was off the hook and off the shoulder. Check out these designers to see the all of the fashion editors are talking about for 2016.