Being a model is not all fun and games – it’s more hard work than you think! Professional models have to dedicate so much time and energy to making their bodies perfect. And no, it’s far from eating small portions of food and tanning!

The journey to a fit and toned body can be a long one. But with these expert tips and tricks, you’ll be able to achieve results in no time! So here are the keys to achieving a lean and toned model body! 

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Create an exercise plan

It all starts from being active and working on your body.  Most models and celebrities get a professional trainer and create the perfect exercise plan suited for their needs. This is not universal, everyone is different. Your body might have a problem area so you would want to focus your workout on that first!

The trick is also to make your body as strong as possible. A bit of muscle won’t hurt anyone and you’ll look amazing in the long run! Just make sure you are exercising the right way and not overdoing it! Find a balance on a weekly basis, have days when you’re focusing on strength, exercising, and others for meditating and relaxing, so you get the best of both worlds! 

Going to a professional

There are things you can easily enhance and fix by yourself, but certain things you simply can’t! This is where professional treatments jump in to help! It’s no secret that most people have struggled with their body.  Whether it’s stretch marks, loose skin, or excess hair, it’s completely normal! But as you can see at LightRx, these problems can be easily fixed with a few non-invasive treatments. So if you lost a lot of weight or struggled with cellulite, it’s completely normal to seek professional help and make your body look like it belongs on the cover of a magazine! 

A well-balanced diet

Eating small portions of food and drinking a lot of water won’t result in a perfect body – you’ll only feel weak and lose a lot of weight in the meantime. What you want to do is fix your diet and focus on having a well-balanced one instead! This also means eating enough calories, but eating the right food to fill in the numbers – depending on your diet, if you are vegan or not, you need a source of protein, lots of nuts. Fruits and veggies to make your body fit and strong! Being skinny has nothing to do with this – your goal should always be healthy and toned, so make sure you are eating right! And don’t forget to get rid of bad habits and foods that will make your tummy bloat! 

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If you want to stay in shape, you’ll need to be active, if you are unable to lift weights and exercise that way you can always opt for other options! There are so many cardio-related exercises you can do from home, so you don’t even have to leave your bedroom if you don’t want to. This will help you stay lean, lose calories the healthy way and just keep yourself in good condition! If you are just starting, make sure you don’t overdo it, try little by little, and build your stamina, this way you won’t get hurt or feel too drained. It’s all about focusing on making things work for you, and cardio is just one of those things you can plan however you want!

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Yoga & Meditation

A lot of people think that yoga is just sitting around and not doing anything, but it takes a lot more muscle strength than that! First, it will help prepare your body for other exercises and cardio, because you’ll stretch your muscles nicely, but also it will work as a meditation, where you can kick back and relax! Again, you need to find the perfect balance, especially if you are a beginner, some yoga positions are extremely complex and take a lot of practice so be patient! If you can, it’s best that you take yoga classes, especially if you are unsure how to do things correctly, that way you won’t get hurt and you’ll get the best advice from professionals! 

At the end of the day, as long as you have a healthy mindset about it and put in the work, you’ll achieve your dream body in no time. It’s important never to give up, results will come eventually, but you need to be persistent and ready to work on yourself the right way! So if you are dreaming of a lean and fit body, go get it!