By Jessica Sepel

I understand some of the stress reducing exercises may not be possible for some, especially young busy mums or corporate workers.

These are the stress relieving tips and tricks I have used with people who just don’t have time.

Try and find a way to incorporate the below into your day to suit your schedule:

Rest for 15-20 minutes when the kids are sleeping/settled. Do a yoga class at home when the kids are sleeping or settled ( is great online yoga) or put your legs up against the wall for 10 minutes and breathe deeply. You can get the kids to join you – they usually love it.

– Go for a walk/stroll with the kids and leave your phone at home.

– When you have a few moments to rest – don’t go straight to emails/social media. Use that time wisely. Instead, read your book, have a bath/shower or have a power nap.

– Set boundaries with technology – check your emails 2x/day and put aside time to check social media. If you’re tempted to check social media all the time, delete the apps off your phone for the rest of the day.

– Rest with the kids when you can. When they are reading, playing, watching tv or sleeping – rest with them.

– Ensure you have a nourishing night time routine to look forward to once the kids are in bed. This is not the best time to start working or checking emails/social media. Instead commit to a 20-minute bedtime ritual. You can kindly tell your partner you need these 20 minutes to refresh – he should understand.
Your night time ritual should include ways to slow down and calm your nervous system. Some things to add to your night ritual: A bath in Epsom salts with a candle, legs up against the wall for 10-15 minutes while deep belly breathing, switching phone/emails off, having some herbal tea, reading and or watching your favourite TV show. I personally really look forward to my night time nourishing rituals.