If you’re like many women, you probably hold onto old clothes that you hope to one day fit into again, or you don’t want to part with them because they were so expensive. Maybe the jeans you wore before you had kids no longer fit your curvier shape. Or perhaps the jeans you thought were so great five years ago now create a muffin top and love handles. Those aren’t your jeans anymore. It’s not you—it’s the jeans. Let them go. It’s time to begin a new chapter this year, open yourself up to new experiences, and find styles designed to embrace your curves, whether you wear petite, tall, or plus size. This isn’t to say you can’t or won’t get back into those old clothes—it’s more about accepting where you are at in this moment. You are fabulous no matter what the tag says. So here’s how to accept and embrace your curves to find an excellent fit.

Try On Something New

Let’s face it: The past few years haven’t been exactly easy for any of us. If some of your clothes are too tight or don’t fit properly, it’s not a sign of weakness or failure. Ill-fitting clothing is uncomfortable, and wearing them can make you feel self-conscious. Jeans that give you a muffin top, for example, are not for you. It’s time to shop for new jeans. Remember that your clothes are meant to fit you—not the other way around.

Timeless styles with modern features include everything from straight leg jeans to slim straight jeans to cargo pants for women. Also, keep wearing the 7 inch inseam shorts womens selection you’ve rocked in the past. Just make sure your new jean shorts are designed to enhance your shape and smooth your curves. One reason people often resist change is because they’re focused on what they have to let go, instead of what they may gain. This can apply to every aspect of life, including your clothing. Ultimately, you want to feel good about yourself, and it is possible with the right fit. 

Love Yourself as You Are and Get the “Booty Lift” Jeans 

Are you someone who writes positive affirmations on sticky notes and posts them around the house or office? Sometimes we need those little reminders throughout the day. It’s a gentle affirmation that we are good, worthy, kind, and beautiful. In the process, don’t forget to tell yourself why you are grateful for your form and what it does for you every single day. Remind yourself that the physical space you occupy is valuable and that you belong in this world just like everyone else. And if it helps, get yourself the jeans that “boost your assets”—the jeans with strategically-placed back pockets and a sweetheart-shaped yoke above them to give you an instant “booty lift” effect. You deserve jeans that make you feel and look great.

Counter Negativity

When a negative thought about yourself pops up in your mind, stop it in its tracks. Don’t give it any traction. Counter negativity with something important and positive. Perhaps your belly carried a healthy baby who’s now a teenager. Maybe those muscular legs got you to the finish line of a marathon. It might even be that those arms can carry all the groceries up flights of stairs and into your home in one trip. You can also tell yourself what you do like about your figure. Like your shoulders look amazing in a tank top, or your legs are the definition of a strong woman—you get the idea. Stopping your negative thoughts as they creep in and replacing them with something good about yourself is an extremely powerful tool. 

What to Look for in Your Jeans

Get excited to find exceptional-fitting jeans. Inclusive women’s clothing brands that design and construct jeans for women of all shapes and sizes are out there, and they are the future. Sometimes you just need to try different styles to figure out what you feel most comfortable wearing. From girlfriend jeans in a vintage wash to boot cut jeans for long inseams, you’ll find pairs you love. Here are some features to look for in your next pairs of jeans and jean shorts, including 7 inch inseam shorts womens.

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Innovative Construction 

Jeans provide that effortless aesthetic that you can either dress up or down with your shoes and tops. Jeans should be easy to wear for anyone. But not all jeans are created the same. Sometimes they don’t fit right, or the denim feels too flimsy or stiff. Jeans constructed with special fit technology for your curves in mind are the best for a variety of reasons.

Inner Elastic Waistband

Some jeans are made with smooth, super-stretch denim and feature a hidden, soft elastic waistband for a “no-gap” waist. This feature prevents gapping at the back of your pants. They either zip or button up like any other pair of jeans, and no one can see the inner elastic waistband, but you know it’s there because your jeans actually feel comfortable around the waist. 

Tummy-Smoothing Mesh Panels In the Front

In the search for innovative jean construction, you can find pairs with smoothing mesh panels in the front, designed to mold and hold your curves and provide tummy control. This feature offers a flattering fit that enhances your shape. Well-designed jeans should match your desire to feel good and look current.

Strategically-Placed Back Pockets and a Sweetheart-Shaped Yoke

Who would have thought that pocket placement matters? The size, shape, and placement of the back pockets do make a difference! Pair pocket placement with a sweetheart-shaped yoke above the back pockets, and you can get an instant “booty lift” effect. You gotta love that. You can find innovative fit technology in every style of jeans you can imagine, including jeggings, skinny jeans, straight leg jeans, boot cut jeans, and girlfriend jeans in a variety of artisanal washes with or without distressed details. 

Don’t Compromise on Fit

Regardless of your shape or size, your jeans should fit and feel comfortable—and boost your confidence and assets at the same time. All shapes and sizes may be different, but all are equal. So, whether you decide to hang onto your old jeans or donate them, embrace where you’re at and treat yourself to new jeans and other clothing that make you feel good about yourself. 


About Democracy Clothing

Democracy Clothing sets themselves apart from the crowd. This casual denim lifestyle brand was founded on the principle of “curve equality,” and they design their jeans to fit women of all shapes and sizes. Their clothing provides a flattering fit to enhance your curves without sacrificing comfort or style. You can find Democracy Clothing’s “Ab”solution fit technology at the core of their most comfortable jeans. Whether you are looking for black jegging jeans, straight leg jeans, or even 7 inch inseam shorts womens styles, you can expect your new pants to fit like they should. Each pair is crafted with tummy-smoothing mesh panels, a “no-gap” inner elastic waistband, and back pockets strategically placed to give you a “booty lift” effect. Best of all, Democracy Clothing offers a variety of colors, styles, and lengths, including tall jeans for women, so you can find your new favorite pair of jeans in no time.

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