By Gritty Pretty

Forget gold; in this instance, silver is coming out on top.

But for all its high colour payoff, silver is precariously hard to get right. Risks involve looking like Glinda the good witch straight out of Wicked the musical, or a glam cyborg. We’re not sure which is worse.

To get us off on the the right foot, we asked Filomena Natoli, Makeup Artist & Ambassador for Gilded Cage Beauty, to share her top tips on making this trend work minus the dramatic-actor to wear metallic makeup, metallic makeup tutorial, model makeup tips, how to be a model


Silver is a cool metallic, meaning it brings out the blue iridescent undertones of the skin giving it that luminous quality. Gold, while universally flattering, bring out the warmer yellow tones on the skin making it a better bronzer.

While the thought of using silver can be daunting, the colour payoff is impressive and can be just as dramatic as using black. Natoli suggests starting small and applying an icy silver eyeshadow in the corner of your eye to give it that beautiful glint. “You can even highlight the cupid’s bow (the area just above the centre of your top lip) to give lips projection,” she to wear metallic makeup, metallic makeup tutorial, model makeup tips, how to be a model


Feeling daring? Try adding a silver powder eye shadow (we rate NARS X Sarah Moon Eyeshadow Duo in Quai Des Brumes) into the middle of a charcoal smokey eye. By applying a lighter silver eyeshadow halfway along the eyelid you create dimension and give the eye a dramatic lift.

Alternatively, you can go even bolder with glitter-pressed eyelids (as seen on Pinterest boards everywhere). “Simply apply a thick layer of lash glue (Duo Lash Adhesive is quite a reputable one) onto the lid, then press the glitter on slowly, keeping the glitter just below the socket line,” instructs Natoli. “Always be sure to patch test in case you’re allergic to latex glue,” she warns.

Natoli’s other pro tip: “Use sticky tape to grab any stray glitter particles on the face.”


Silver is a great natural illuminator for the cheekbones when ever so lightly applied. “Opt for a pearly, pale silver when highlighting skin,” Natoli offers. We’re already obsessed with highly iridescent M.A.C’s Strobe Cream, and it’s now available in four new shades including Silverlite.


Metallics aren’t often worn before 6pm, but Natoli has two words if you’re game: “Subtle silver”. Isolate metallics to one feature (“the eyes”) and keep everything soft and muted for the daytime. She recommends using a light wash of silver eyeshadow with a finer pigment and in a slightly warmer shade like Gilded Cage Revelation Eyeshadow in Antique to wear metallic makeup, metallic makeup tutorial, model makeup tips, how to be a model