By Michele Smith
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Marc Jacobs is indisputably a household name. When this fashion industry icon’s name pops up on the scene the general public thinks not only clothing lines for men and women, but watches, jewellery and much more. Who is Marc Jacobs and what is the story behind this legendary presence in the fashion industry? It is a little more than meets the eye and certainly more than your everyday designer.

The Marc Jacobs line is certainly no stranger to the runways of fashion week and the newest collections are being hailed by industry professionals as stunning to say the least. Marc is an American fashion designer working with Lois Vuitton from the years of 1997 up to 2014. The fashion designer followed this amazing accomplishment by launching his own fashion label, Marc Jacobs and subsequently Marc by Marc Jacobs, landing in over 200 retail stores in over 80 counties. This is not exactly a small accomplishment to say the least.marc jacobs designer profile

Moving on, Marc Jacobs also made Time magazine’s most 100 people in the world, as well as number 14 on Out Magazines list of 50 Most Popular Gay and Women and Men in America. Marc started his career in New York at the Parson’s School of Design and designed the Marc Jacob’s label in 1987; while touted being the youngest fashion designer receiving the highest award for new designers by the Council of Fashion Designers of America’s Perry Ellis Award for “New Fashion Talent”.

marc jacobs designer profile

In spring of 2001, Marc created his Marc Jacobs by Marc Jacobs’s line, which included ready-to-wear clothing, purses, fragrances and handbags. Marc’s award-winnings are beyond compare with multiple Womenswear Designer of the Year Awards, Accessory Designer of the Year Awards and a Lifetime Achievement Award, just to name a few.

Marc Jacobs also is heavily involved with charity work, with cancer work and specifically with melanoma research. Many people ask what Marc Jacobs is up to today. For starters, the lucrative fashion designer issued a spring line that focused with style meeting a visual imperative. His spring campaign featured successful artists and activists, such as Human Rights activist Lana Wachowski, and celebrities like Sandra Bernhard, Bette Midler, Juliette Lewis, Christina Ricci, Sky Ferriera, Bella Hadid, and Emily Ratajkowski and even drew the attention of a well less known artist, the wonderfully talented Vincent Michaud.

marc jacobs designer profile
marc jacobs designer profile

Many fashion insiders and fashionistas want to know what Marc Jacobs is up to today and the answer is simple. Today shoppers across the world (and, no, you do not need to be a model to take advantage of the Marc Jacob line) have their pick of an imaginative choice of style combined with fluorescent hues (think Spring line). Marc Jacobs clearly offers something for everyone, from high-level runway models to your everyday fashion aficionado. Simply find out for yourself at and enjoy the beauty for yourself. This designer will go down in history, without question as one at the top.