The man who loves luxury and elegance does not leave the house unless he is certain that he has created a perfect and classy outfit, capable of conveying charm and reflecting his personality.

To achieve a stunning result, it is necessary to pay attention to every detail. Therefore, not only to the choice and correct matching of shirts, pants or outerwear, but also of accessories and, in particular, shoes.

An element too often overlooked, it is actually crucial and plays a major role in defining the style of the outfit and the feeling that it conveys. Thus, while a low-quality pair of shoes can ruin the final effect even when wearing a high-fashion outfit, luxury models such as Versace men’s designer footwear, elegant and luxurious, are able to give an extra touch of class to even casual outfits.

In this article we are going to find out how to choose and match shoes with clothing and accessories to create classy outfits.

Men’s Shoes: The Must-Haves for the Stylish Man

Among the must-have footwear, indispensable for the man who wants to look elegant in any context, there are, first and foremost, the most classic lace-up models, namely derby shoes and oxfords.

These can be joined by the evergreen loafers, especially in driver, slip-on and slippers versions, and, during the summer season, mules and sandals, made by fashion designers.

Those who want to flaunt cutting-edge casual chic looks also cannot do without luxury sneakers, not only in the traditional white version, but also black, beige, colored and embellished with original decorations or patterns.

How to Match Shoes to the Outfit for a Classy Look

Create Unique Outfits With the Right Shoe

To create classy looks, it is essential not only to match the shoe to the outfit in the best possible way, but also to choose the right model according to the occasion and context.

Similar outfits, worn in different situations, could be complemented and enhanced with shoes that differ in model, style or simply color. To give an example, if one is to attend a ceremony and has chosen to wear a pinstripe suit jacket and pants, it would be possible to complement it with a pair of black derbies, while where the same suit would be worn at a company dinner among colleagues, it would be possible to match it with sneakers or a pair of loafers.

Right Pairings for the Office

If you work in an office and want to look at your best, flaunting elegant looks, but without excess, you could opt for a classic outfit consisting of a double-breasted blazer, shirt, white or striped, pants with darts and loafers or lace-up shoes.

In the case where the job leads people to work in a creative and less formal environment, one could dare a bit more, sporting a casual chic look by replacing the shirt with a simple T-shirt and wearing white sneakers. Also great is the combination of blazer, shirt, jeans and sneakers or loafers, maybe in a driver model.

The Right Shoes for Leisure Time

Do you want to look elegant and classy even when relaxing at the bar in the company of your friends or when strolling the downtown streets with your sweetheart?

In this case, you can wear a light blue T-shirt, slim fit jeans, blue scarf, camel coat and pair it with matching luxury sneakers or, if the season permits, sandals. If you are a blazer and shirt type, you should not give up this distinctive feature, but go for a single-breasted coat and pair it with pants, which are again slim fit, and slippers loafers or some sneakers.

How to Match Shoes to the Outfit for a Classy Look

The Right Shoes for Formal Occasions

From a job interview to dinner with a manager, there are numerous formal occasions on which you not only want to show off a classy look, but are literally obliged to look your best.

On these occasions, go for outfits consisting of a jacket and pants, complemented by smart shirts, tie, vest and designer coats. As for shoes, lace-ups are a must. However, if you wear long pants, you can also go for a pair of luxury mules.

When the context would allow it, you could also dare with a white turtleneck sweater and sneakers of the same color, pairing them with a perfectly cut black or navy suit.