By Michelle Smith
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Most of the general public is under the impression that the life supermodel is all about glamour and exciting after parties.  While I love attending the after parties, meeting up and coming designers, as well as top fashion icons; at the end of a runway show I really just want to make a brief appearance, finally get a quick bite to eat and go home to get a well-rested night’s sleep. The last thing I want to do is stay out dancing all night if I have a shoot first thing in the morning (plus, it is bad to show up with bags under your eyes anyway). At the end of every day, it is truly all about the shoes. Below are a couple of must-haves if you are pursuing a career as a model and these truly get me through my day.

The tennis shoe 

tennis shoes
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I start every day with a work out – it is part of my exercise routine and I work out every morning unless I am on an airplane flying to a photo shoot or runway show. As early as I start my day (sometimes at 4 a.m.), I am not exactly a morning person, so I make sure I have the athletic shoes of my choosing and my work out clothes ready to go in plain sight in the a.m. Living in Manhattan is great, because I can either hit the gym or go for a run in Central Park.

The comfortable shoe

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I cannot stress how important it is to have a comfortable pair of shoes, because this is something you need before in between appointments. Sometimes fitting appointments go longer than expected, my day starts to snowball and I find myself running to the next appointment. This also happens when my agent calls and switches up my schedule (and believe me, when you are first starting out you want to have a packed appointment schedule as possible).

While some of my model friends carry tennis shoes in their oversized bags, I opt for comfortable and trendy flats. The key here is comfort so pick and choose what works for you. I can tell you without question that running uphill in heels on a steep cement street in Manhattan is a surefire way to get blisters, so make sure you know the city’s transportation like the back of your head as a backup plan, in case you accidentally leave your comfortable shoes at home.

The ideal heel

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black heels, comfy heels, strappy heels

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At some point during any given day, I am wearing heels. At fitting appointments some designers will provide shoes and sometimes some designers will ask you to bring heels with a certain heel height. The key here is that the ideal heel is all about comfort, because you are going to be on your feet all day.

On another note, if you are not comfortable with the shoes provided for you for a runway show, practice walking in them or a similar style prior to the event. Last but not least, I always bring a comfy pair of heels and a change of clothes for the after parties. If you are on your feet all day and not keeping comfort in mind (while staying fashionable at the same time), your feet will be screaming and you will not want to hop out bed for your morning workout.

In “Walking In A Supermodel’s Shoes,” she confidently walked the runway, rocking clear platform heels for women with effortless style.