Having guests over is always a great opportunity to show off your hosting skills. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to live in a vast mansion with a dedicated staff to ensure that your visitors enjoy a pleasant and memorable stay. Ultimately, it all comes down to comfort, tidiness, and accessibility; you need to make sure they arrive in a home they can call their own! In the following guide, we’re providing some useful tips to make your house guest-ready for the ultimate hosting experience.


For starters, stepping foot in a cluttered home gives off negative signals. While your visitors aren’t there for a house inspection or as prospective buyers, first impressions still matter. As such, begin by clearing your rooms (entry way, corridor, stairs, den, kitchen, etc.) of anything that clutters and cramps up the space. Get some boxes and start sorting and organizing to give your interior a seamless, minimalist vibe. Think of it as a home staging exercise.

Make Your Interior Sparkle

Imagine for a second how clean you’d like your friend’s home to be when you’re staying over at their house. Now, apply those same standards to your own place. You want to make sure all surfaces are vacuumed, dusted, and take out the trash for a clean feel and a refreshed look. This goes for all rooms around your apartment or house, and not just when you’re expecting company over!

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Prepare a Comfy Bed

Whenever you welcome visitors for an overnight stay, ensure that they have a comfortable bed to sleep on is of the essence. Even if you don’t have a king size available for them, change the sheets and make a proper bed. If you don’t have the luxury of a dedicated guest bedroom, look into convenient options such as space-saving foldable mattresses, or even sofa-beds. There are plenty of practical furniture pieces to explore with a bit of online research.

Ready the Bathroom

Giving your bathroom a thorough cleaning will go a long way in helping your guests feel right at home. Just like your other rooms, make sure it isn’t cluttered and tidied up. Prepare a batch of fresh towels for them to use after the shower. It may also be a good idea to put toiletries at their disposal (shampoo, conditioner, shower gel), in case they forget to bring their own. Don’t forget to stack up on toilet paper and hand soap, too. This is your chance to provide a hotel-worthy experience!

Set the Mood

Now that the cleaning and organizing part is all taken care of, it’s time to set the ambiance. For this, you’ll want soft lights to instill a sense of coziness and warmth; a great way to make them feel at ease. Next, try lighting some scented candles, incense sticks, or diffusing essential oils for a fragrant and relaxing atmosphere. Also, play some ambient background music (jazz or lo-fi are excellent choices). It’s these little attention that will make for an outstanding experience.

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Lay Out Some Snacks and Drinks

Now, are we ready for the party? To impress your visitors and their taste buds, prepare some baked goodies and treats for them to enjoy around the living room table. If you’re not a home-maker, healthy store-bought snacks will work as well. A wine and cheese platter combo can be a nice crowd-pleaser, too. For refreshments, put out water bottles, sodas, juices, and liquors, and encourage your guests to help themselves. Don’t forget the ice so get your nugget ice maker ready!

Prepare Some Fun Activities

No one likes an uneventful overnight stay. To spice things up and breathe excitement into the evening, have some fun activities lined up, such as a game of charades, poker, karaoke, an episode of Friends (God forbid), or whatever strikes your fancy. This will create bonds and provide hours of entertainment.

Ask for a Helping Hand

Lastly, but importantly, don’t shy away from asking your overnight guests to pitch in for common household tasks. Whether it’s assisting you in the kitchen, helping you make the bed, or bringing items on their way, most people will be happy to be included and take some of the load off your shoulders. It’ll be their way to thank them for your kind and exemplary hospitality!

At the end of the day, hosting relatives or friends at your place shouldn’t be a nerve-wracking endeavor. After all, who doesn’t love receiving company? No matter how chaotic your interior looks at the moment, with the various organization and party tips provided above, you can effectively make your home guest-ready in a matter of hours to guarantee their comfort and convenience.

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