This might be funny, but it’s no surprise that how to get over your ex is a popular Google search. The basic truth is that a lot of people out there might want to know: how can I get over my ex? Every breakup is different and as such humans are; because we’re all dynamic beings with so many complex emotions and feelings. Regardless, the good news though, is that there are ways you can easily get over your ex.

Ways To Get Over Your Ex And Feel Fulfilled Again

Sometimes getting over an ex isn’t always easy because you might miss the way they looked at you, the way their hand felt in yours, and the way that they smelled, or even more so, you still listen to certain kinds of music and it reminds you of them. Well, according to love gurus at; they insist that in reality, when someone takes up so much of your life, it’s kinda impossible to get over them in just a day or two. But doing things like working out, hanging out with friends, walking and washing can certainly be positive distractions.

Thus if you want to deal with the root cause of an emotional pain you still feel, you’ll have to do things a bit differently. Going forward, here are some tips on what getting over your ex means, and a collection of useful tips that you can perform to aid the recovery process.

1. Be Sympathetic With Yourself

It’s essential to remember that getting over your ex isn’t a straightforward process. It’s difficult to be able to give a precise date as to when you’ll be over an ex and more so, some days you spend recovering will be better than others, particularly in the beginning.

Sometimes you might feel like you’re making great progress in recovering in one week and then quickly you find yourself feeling sad from the heartbreak again, it doesn’t mean that you’ve gone slow-witted. In reality, you’re making progress, so in those moments, treat yourself with empathy and kindness. When people tend to go through periods of emotional stress, they need to be as gentle and compassionate as possible with themselves because this quickens the overall healing process.

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2. Commit To Letting Go

To get over your ex, one important key is finding acceptance. Sometimes you say that all you want to do is get over your ex, but in reality, and even subconsciously, letting go is hard – and this feeling holds us back from letting go.

Letting go of an ex implies you’re saying farewell to that relationship and embracing that specific future you envisioned. To be able to move ahead you need to welcome the unknown and in turn, allow that space in.

It’s recommended you write down the benefits of letting go, instead of concentrating on what you feel you might miss, focus on what you could earn when you let go of the relationship.

The list you make can include things like being able to fully explore your passions, travel more freely, enjoying your weekends as you please, and well enough, spending more time with your friends.

3. Cut Off Contact

Creating that emotional and physical distance is one of the most difficult parts of a breakup. But the more you stay in touch with an ex, the more it becomes hard to mend and the process is prolonged. In reality, it’s not easy to cut off contact with an ex but to do so, you need to identify your triggers, think of when you feel most weak and likely or willing to reach out – maybe in the morning, or before you go to bed.

The moment you can pre-empt when you’re most likely to make that connection, substitute it with other healthier and more fulfilling activities such as taking a walk, texting a friend, or writing a journal to communicate what you want to say, or even better do something creative.

It ain’t easy but as each day goes by, the urge to text your ex will diminish.

4. Create New Memories

A large part of getting over your ex is forging new neural pathways in the brain. In reality, when people go through heartbreak, they tend to focus on the past and continue to do things that remind them of their ex. Feeling that way can keep you stuck. So it’s basically about re-wiring!

For example, if you and your ex had a Saturday ritual of going for dinner to a restaurant you both loved. Well, it’s time to create a different routine for your Saturday, do something different, like going for a workout class, in a completely different place. Even better, you can take online classes, do something creative that you’re passionate about.

Although this might not feel immediately better, it’ll start to imprint a new memory in your brain and, in turn, create a new chapter in your life. Getting over an ex isn’t all that easy, but following these steps above you can move on.

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