By Calynn M. Lawrence

The fashion industry has always been, and will always be one of the most cut throat industries to break into. Because fashion is universal and is so highly sought after, everyone is trying to get their start. But, in a world where almost anyone and everyone is your competition, how do you stand out? That is the question many emerging designers are taunted by every single day. This article is going to give you the top 3 tips on how you can become a real deal designer in 2016!

You Need Skill

Skill seems like it would be an obvious attribute to an aspiring fashion designer. However, many people lack this vital asset when trying to enter the industry. In order to be a fashion designer, you have to have a host of different skills that all contribute to the composition of a drawing skills, mathematical skills, practical skills and an artistic touch!  Not sure where to start in picking up the skill?  Learn more at

To be a fully equipped fashion designer you need drawing skills to perform the garment illustration. Commonly, when you are working, your clients will request illustrations before you begin the garment construction so that they may provide criticism. You need mathematical skills because measurements will make or break your design. Therefore, your numbers need to all add up. You need practical skills because you need to know how to cut, sew and construct the garment all by hand! Lastly, you need a creative touch so that your garment can be unique. Remember, a well constructed but mundane article of clothing is practically useless.

You Need Experience

In the fashion industry, many times talent is not enough. In order to be a successful designer, you need to get experience. In most cases, it is not enough to get hired by majored clients if the only experience you have is designing irregular pieces as a hobby. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary that you get your start as early as possible in the fashion industry!

Perhaps, you could look into different internships offered at companies such as Nordstrom, H&M, GUESS and many others. Also, you could look into different jobs as a stylist, fashion assistant, or seamstress because all of these areas will give you hands on experience with the fashion industry which really beefs up your profile!

You Need Connections

It’s not always about what you know as opposed to who you know. It is no secret that networking is the foundation of many careers and fashion is certainly one of them! Because of this, you need to be sure that you have a very strong social media presence as well as that you take any opportunity to attend networking events and career fairs! You never know who might give you a career changing telephone call all because you slipped them your contact info.

As you see, there are a few key steps to being successful as a fashion designer in 2016. Applying these tips to your career approach will certainly be beneficial in the long run!