By Calynn M. Lawrence

Many people do not realize that every single image that they view in magazines, on billboards and in the newspaper has some form of photo enhancement. Those especially used for advertisement purposes are tweaked to perfection so as to create the illusion of an optimum product, model or service.

This is understandable, seeing as how we as consumers are drawn by the eye. It has even gotten to the point where the vast majority of pictures that you see on someone’s social media probably have some form of photo enhancement as well, more than likely minor adjustments.

Nonetheless, they are enhanced. What difference does it make? Does it matter at all? Well, the concept of photo enhancement will blow your mind. This article is going to show you just how much certain features on photo shop can create a totally different aesthetic.

The Photo Filter

The photo filter is unarguably the easiest form of photo enhancement. Although it has been around for years, it has become drastically more famous amongst us average social media users as a right of passage. A photo filter is when the photographer adds a layer of color change over the image. For example, a “warm” filter would add a layer of color that would alter any pigment in the picture to give the appearance of a warmer, more yellow, hue.

Also, it adds a heavy saturation to the colors making them much more vibrant and alive! On the contrary, a “cool” filter would do the exact opposite. A cool filter would serve to mute the majority of the pigment in the image, creating a series of blue and grey based tones throughout the picture. While both are equally effective, preference is key when it comes to deciding.

photo filter
photo filter

Nip Tuck

We’ve all seen it utilized before, probably millions of times. That is the nip tuck slimming feature on photo editing software. This feature allows the individual to decrease or increase the size of any body part that they want to. For example, the most common area is the waist line. Using this feature, you would apply the slimming effect to the selected body part and the image would shrink in that selected area.

The stomach is obviously not the only area that is available. You can use this feature throughout your entire body and face. Sounds great right? Well, although this feature is amazing if used both correctly and sparingly, it can be extremely noticeable, extremely easily. Therefore, when using this feature be sure to use it with discretion so that you will avoid exposing your enhancements!

beyonce skinny legs
kim slim


The airbrush blurring effect provides a layer of smoothness over the photo and helps to blur out any imperfections that may be visible. This app is commonly used to hide things such as freckles, acne and cellulite. It also is awesome for concealing wrinkles, bags and even dark circles, resulting in a a flawless complexion and lovely skin!
madonna photoshop airbrush

As you can see, photo shop makes a huge difference. These are simply a few concepts in the world of image enhancement. Thus, next time you think about posting a picture on your social media, take into account these elements and apply them to your selfie for a fierce finish!