By Michele Smith
Facebook – MicheleSmithMarketing

A makeup artist plays an integral role in the fashion industry, whether on photoshoots, runway shows or even for involvement in conceptual meetings. There is certainly much more to being a makeup artist than applying lipstick and mascara. How exactly does one succeed as a makeup artist in an overly competitive field? The answers may or may not surprise you, but here is the inside scoop.

First of all creativity is key, after all, if you have the word “artist” in your job title, how would one even think otherwise? Creativity is very important in the fashion industry when it comes to themed photoshoots and runaway shows, even more important for this trait to show up at planning meetings with fashion designers. Makeup artists need to understand the unique contours of one’s face and how to highlight them. This position is truly a visual one, as makeup artists essentially are rearranging the details of their subjec’ts face and applying makeup in a flawless way.

Another important trait to succeed as a makeup artist is to have exemplary customer service skills. Makeup artists have to work with photographers, models, actors and other clients, so being a people person is necessary. It is very critical for a makeup artist to be able to communicate with the whole team to understand the client’s goals. Also, tact here is key, especially when a makeup artist needs to make suggestions for changes that benefit ones overall appearance and also, must stay calm, cool and collected under deadlines, which brings us to another important characteristic: the ability to operate under pressure.

While there is a lot of energy that comes along with a fashion show and its face-paced environment, a makeup artist needs to be creative and work effectively in this type of job. Makeup artists need to be very detail oriented in order to work under pressure without missing any of the extra touches. In addition, some jobs require extended periods of concentration and makeup artists should be able to come up with new creative ideas, as well as implement them.

Finally yet importantly, a successful makeup artist must have excellent time management skills. Makeup artists first need to truly understand their client’s vision for a shoot or runway show and the time involved to apply the makeup. This also includes what necessary equipment and tools the makeup artist should bring with them to the location. It is crucial for the makeup artist to keep track of time and manage the time of others involved in the project. Another important tip for makeup artists just starting out, is planning time to market themselves.

Makeup artists like any other business owner need to network and manage their online presence. A website will help highlight experience and makeup artists should take photos of their work and when possible work with photographers to develop a mutually beneficial relationship. This means not just referrals and work opportunities, but some makeup artists starting out will display the photographers work on their site, while citing them as credit in order to have professional photos.