From a tomboy working with dogs to enrolling in a floristry course – you would never have believed that Ania Milczarcyk is now one of the most sort out make up artists within the industry. Working with the likes of Nicole Trunifo and Samantha Harris, she is making girls everywhere envy her talent. Well known for her flawless technique and jaw-dropping eyes, she is currently based in Sydney and represented by DLM.

Instagram:   @aniamilczarcyk

Ok, so lets start with the basics… Why make up and why the fashion industry? What made you decide – I want to do this for a career?

Why makeup haha um completely by accident. I had always liked playing with makeup on myself but never once thought of it as a career. Same with fashion, I liked it but never thought about working in it – I am a bit of a tomboy. I had worked with dogs for 6 years and hurt myself one day, it was really bad and i needed a few months off after an operation and wanted something to fill in my days, because I can’t ever do nothing and decided I would maybe do a floristry course to pass time.
I’ve been really creative my whole life and wanted something I could fiddle with and use my imagination. I was completely enrolled into a course and everything when one night at a hotel a friend of a friend was struggling with her makeup and asked me to help. At that stage I had never touched anyone with a makeup brush but it was just one of those moments were sparks flew and I was just all of a sudden doing makeup non stop since then and have never once stopped.Ania Red eye

How did you start out and eventually make your way into Fashion?

As soon as I decided this was what I wanted to do I already had high hopes, I knew I didn’t want to work at a counter or do weddings. I sat my parents down and was like “hey I’m doing makeup but don’t worry I am going to do fashion shoots and be in magazines and get flown around to meet famous people.” I started off by contacting people who I knew at the time that were taking photos, modelling or styling and basically just tried to get myself onto any and every shoot I could. I think that is the only way to start really because then once I got one, it turned into two which turned into three and all of which progressively started getting bigger and better.


Instagram is now a huge social media platform that’s helping everyone everywhere get ahead in their careers, what are your thoughts on that? Has Instagram helped you get to where you are?

Oh of course instagram has helped me! Anyone who says its not important needs to get with it. All of the biggest companies have employed people just to do their social media, you walk into a hotel or restaurant and I can guarantee almost every time that they will have an account online. It has helped me be seen by people who normally wouldn’t and there is no point in denying that with creatives and models alike, clients seek out people with a bigger following.

You’ve already had so many amazing clients and got to work with already flawless faces – Samantha Harris, Tahnee Atkinson, Taylah Roberts, Anja Konstantinova etc etc.. What’s next, what’s the dream?

Don’t forget Ajak Deng and Nicole Trunfio. I have worked with so many amazing girls I can’t believe how lucky I am. Ok dream scenarios though.. Vogue with Cara Delevigne, something in LA with a Kardashian maybe and finally some epic island with Victoria Secret swim. I have about 45 dream scenarios, I could go on and on really. There is so much I want to and plan to do.

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The models you work with, they’ve usually been going back to back with shoots, what advice do you give to them to keep their faces from breaking out and looking flawless?

Models normally know exactly what they are doing. As everyones skin is different they have already been doing it for a while and have figured out what works best for them. Most girls show up everywhere with a bottle of water and remove their makeup straight after a shoot is finished. I always use primer before foundation to try and keep as much as possible from getting absorbed into their skin.

Make up trends come and go, winged eyeliner, smokey eyes, metallics etc. What’s next? And what’s the worst trend to have gone round?

I so so so cannot stand the concealer contouring thing, I think it became a bit of a trend like a year or two ago after some celebs came out and showed their step by step make up process showing how the contour works and where to put it. I find it so tacky. I can only imagine how overdone it looks in real life. Whats next? Hmm I can’t tell you that but I think that natural will always be in, so fresh skin- freckles- soft earthy colours on the eyes- bit of highlight etc.

I also really pray natural brows stay in, I am a such a fan of brows.

What 5 beauty rules do you live by? 

1. Exfoliate- nothing worse than dry skin, especially on lips or feet.

2. Water- drinking lots of water can do miracles for the skin.

3. Cleansing every night- No matter how tired or even drunk I am I will ALWAYS cleanse and tone my face.

4. Moisturise- I am such a moisturiser freak. I am obsessed.

5. Sun Block- premature ageing and skin cancer are really not cool, it’s 2015 people should know better.

As a make up artist, you’ve been on plenty of shoots; what’s been your favourite so far, what shoot are you most proud of?

This is a really hard question. I come home from almost every shoot thinking it was my favourite shoot. They’re all so different it is almost impossible to compare. Nothing beats a shoot with a really fun and easy going team. I also love shoots on location when they are in a really nice spot and I have had a few with animals, that is always good.

I am proud of many things, because I have so many little goals and aspirations reaching even the tiniest of those feels amazing. My first shoot in print, my first job which I had to catch a plane to get to, joining an agency or even just working with someone I have always looked up to. There is so many things that make me incredibly happy all the time.


What are your go to looks for:

A day out with the girls, Work, A dinner date, A job interview, A night out

Ha I have my makeup exactly the same about 90% of the time so this one is funny. For work, dinner, a day out or a job interview it’s all the same thing. Brown smokey eye and highlighted skin with a bit of colour through my brows.

I often think to myself and worry ‘oh my god I am going to look exactly the same at my wedding as I do to go out for lunch’

The only times it changes a bit is if on the rare occasion I go out at night, I simply make the eye shadow a bit darker.

If you could give advice to an aspiring make up artist, what would it be?

My advice to any makeup artist is: To work as hard and as much as you can. You will have to get by mainly on your love of it for a while because as with most creative jobs you won’t make much, if any money or a while so don’t let that get you down just keep an eye on what you are working towards, keep having fun and eventually you will start getting to where you want to be.