The hourglass figure refers to a body shape with a smaller waist and larger shoulders and hips. It emulates the curvature of an hourglass, hence its name.

The hourglass figure is a long-admired body shape that many people desire. If you already have a lovely hourglass figure, you can use a few tricks to accentuate it and display your natural curves in all their glory.

Here are some top tips for enhancing your hourglass figure and feeling confident in your skin.

Wear High-Waisted Leggings

High-waisted leggings are a stylish way to enhance your figure and show off your slim waistline. No matter what color or material of leggings you choose, you can look and feel great.

Make sure you choose high-waisted leggings that fit snuggly to cinch your waist in and provide the perfect fit. Most leggings are made from cotton, nylon, spandex, or a combination of all three for maximum style and comfort.

You could pair your leggings with a crop top or short jacket to emphasize your waist even further. The combination of a shorter top with high-waisted jeans is the best combination to showcase your cinched waist while looking trendy and chic.

Wear Waist-Cinching Dresses

Many dresses are produced with a smaller waist on purpose for those with hourglass figures to accentuate their curves. These dresses may have crimped material along the waistband or a built-in belt that enables you to cinch your waist in even further.

Consider purchasing wrap dresses, belted dresses, or flared dresses that are smaller at the top and flare out at the bottom. You won’t struggle to find stylish and comfortable dresses that make you feel confident in yourself and your figure.

Consider Shapewear

Shapewear is a subtle yet highly effective way to emphasize a smaller waist and larger hips.

It provides an underlayer to support you in all the right places and enhance your hourglass shape without looking too obvious underneath your clothing. You can wear anything you like over the top of shapewear, too, so you won’t feel restricted in the fashion department.

As with choosing bra sizing, you might need to take measurements to ensure you choose the type of shapewear, such as waist cinchers or bodysuits that are specifically designed for those with natural curves in the waist and hips. You’ll need to wear the right-sized shapewear to get the best results. Your items should fit snuggly without feeling tight and restrictive.

Wear Well-Fitted Clothes

We can’t deny that baggy clothing is extra comfortable, but it’s not great for your figure. If your main goal is to showcase your gorgeous curves, you’re best sticking with well-fitted clothing that accentuates your figure instead of hiding it.

Choose clothing that is the right size for you and is made with comfortable, fitted materials, such as nylon. Similarly, choose high-waisted leggings, trousers, or jeans that have a skinnier fit to emphasize your hips and don’t drown your figure in material!