Australia is one of the best countries in the world to learn English, thanks to factors such as its quality of life; however, this can be counterproductive, because the higher the quality of life in a country, the more expensive it is to live there. That is why today we tell you which are the best paid jobs for English students in Australia.

Best paying unskilled jobs in Australia

If you are thinking of studying English in Australia, you surely know that one of its main advantages is the student visa, with which you are allowed to work.

Surely you are also looking for the best options for the best paid jobs in Australia and below I will tell you about some that do not require prior qualification:

Cleaner or housekeeper

It is one of the highest paying jobs for English learners in Australia and it is easy to do, basically it is a cleaning job. It is paid per hour worked and it is possible to work in offices, universities and hotels, where the work is usually demanding, but also more bearable. In the same way you cannot rule out work in private homes.

Waiter or bartender

Although you can hardly work in this recently arriving Australia, because you will need a high level of English, as you spend more time, you will be able to access this type of work. However, to work as a bartender, you need a certificate issued by bartender courses, a fundamental requirement for those who serve alcoholic beverages. If you do not have this certificate, you can work as a waiter or a dishwasher, jobs that are also well paid.


If you have an international driver’s license or have the legal validity to drive vehicles in Australia, you can work as a delivery person in a car or van. This job does not need any other qualification than knowing how to drive, or, if you do not have the required license, you can become a bicycle delivery person thanks to platforms such as Uber Eats and Deliveroo.

Moving job

This job is ideal for you, if you are in good physical shape, as there are many removal companies in Australia that demand people to help them transport electrical appliances, either in furniture stores or supermarkets.

In the same way that working as a delivery person, you need an international license, or obtain an Australian driver’s license. Although this job does not require qualification, it does require great physical energy.


We had already talked about working as waiters, but this time we mean working in the hospitality sector. In addition, this sector includes jobs such as kitchen assistants, an area where you do not need to have direct contact with customers.

If you would like to work in the sector as a waiter, but you still do not feel confident interacting with customers directly in English, you can opt for a job as a runner, which simply consists of delivering the dishes without interacting with the customers.

Another option to work in the sector is to join a catering company, where you will be part of a team that provides services to sporadic events, such as football matches, concerts, weddings and other types of events.

How expensive is it to live in Australia?

Perhaps the main reason for looking for the best paying jobs for English students in Australia is the high cost of living in the country, since the Australian lifestyle itself requires a good salary.

Australia is one of the countries with the best quality of life in the world, but they also occupy the top positions among the countries with the highest cost of living, being even above the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada.

What will mainly drain your resources are the rental costs, second only to Asian countries, but it is very important to also keep in mind that the average salaries in Australia are among the best in the world.

Australia ranks second globally according to the highest paid average wages. Which means that while the cost of living is high, the salaries are higher than any in other countries, allowing comfortable living in Australia, even for foreign students.

How can I earn more working in Australia?

Fortunately the minimum wage continues to grow every year in Australia, and the average you can earn working as a student is high.

Best of all, jobs that do not require qualifications like the ones we told you about above also receive a good salary.

One of the advantages of working in Australia is that night shifts tend to be better paid, as are weekends and holidays. Also during the vacations of your classes you will be able to work extra hours.

Another advantage is that in the cleaning sector you will be hired to work 8-hour workdays, however, if you manage to cover the work assigned in your workday before the end of your schedule, you can continue receiving that salary without having to cover the total hours.

What are the basic requirements to work in Australia?

It is understandable that after having read you feel like it and you are considering going to study and work in Australia very soon or at least within 5 or 6 months, which is the approximate time you will spend applying to the program and the student visa Australia. Definitely, finding a job in Australia is possible, yes, you will have to put in the desire, and go with an open mind. Having all that is already a big step, the next is to know the general requirements that you must meet:

  • To be over 18 years old;
  • Apply for a student visa that allows you to work;
  • Apply to the TFN and/or the ABN;
  • Open an Australian bank account.