Most modern fashion doesn’t do a lot of modesty. But it is possible to have a stunning modest outfit that checks the boxes of both modesty and beauty. Many women shy away from modest-style clothing because they fear they’ll appear older or a complete stick in the mud. But this simply is not true. Women can be just as alluring and fashion-forward when dressed modestly. Here are some benefits that come along with wearing modest clothing.

1. Confidence

A modest dress can instill confidence in a woman. When you’re in an outfit that is comfortable, looks great, and reflects your personality and style, what’s there not to be confident about? When you feel good about how you look and how others are receiving you, the confidence just radiates and others will feel it too.

2. Comfort

Modest clothing is usually far more comfortable than more revealing clothing. Why? Because more revealing clothing often needs constant readjusting to stay where it needs to be in order not to reveal it all or just to not draw attention to parts of the body that we don’t want to accentuate. Check out Adrift Clothing for such comfortable and model-style outfits.

3. Less Restricting

One of the perks of modest wear is the freedom to move. It’s usually less restricting than revealing clothing. You can feel free to move about without worrying about showing things you didn’t intend to show.

4. Sophistication

There is a certain sophistication that comes with more modest clothing. Think of a midi skirt and cardigan. It’s a sleek look that’s fashion-forward and gives off an air of sophistication. It’s not stuffy and dry at all. It’s an intriguing look that makes people wonder more about you as a person and not your body.

5. Trendsetter

Be a trendsetter with your modest outfits. Others will surely notice how lovely you look and that you didn’t have to flash a lot of skin to accomplish this feat. You’ll be setting a lovely example for those who come across you and admire your style and confidence.

6. Low Risk

Not only does modesty mean less restrictive clothing, but it also means you’re at a lower risk of a wardrobe malfunction. There’s little chance of you showing off your undies if you have to bend over. Having a nip slip is embarrassing

7. Stand Out

There aren’t typically a lot of modestly dressed women in any crowd, so you’re sure to stand out and make a positive impression. Modest-style clothing adds to your uniqueness and reflects your personality in a much truer sense.

8. Respect

Not only do you feel more self-respect, but you also will receive more respect from others. Choosing to cover certain parts of your body lets others know that you’re not looking for anyone’s attention or validation. It also shows that you have a more positive self-worth.

There are a lot of subtexts that go along with dressing modestly. Whether you do it for religious reasons or just because of personal preferences, there are a lot of benefits to modest clothes. As long as you’re comfortable and confident with your outfit choice is all that matters.