KMS believes in individuality. It believes in the freedom to style.  KMS California is Obsessed with Style. We encourage people to accept and express who they are by helping them create any look they desire. The brand is committed to developing the very best in professional styling and hair care products for any hair type.


Technology FUSED with NATURE

At KMS, our long-standing formula philosophy involves fusing the best of both worlds: technology and nature. This powerful fusion of the latest innovations, technologies and ingredients creates unparalleled product performance in every style.

No matter what your style may be, KMS offers ten unique product lines to help you create any look you want, from start to finish.

Start // Jumpstart your look with style-creating shampoos and conditioners.

Style // Bring your look to life the way you want it. Build it. Shape it. Mold it. Boost it. No limits.

Finish // Make your style statement. Further define, support and maintain your desired look.


The Styling Expert

KMS California is a market leader on style and styling technology.  KMS’s HAIRPLAY creative product range will take your hair anywhere it wants to go with flexible and pliable styling. With Grape Peppermint in all HAIRPLAY products, this combination supports the hold and flexibility of these styling products as well as providing an effective barrier between the hair and the environment.

Used on all hair types, the KMS California HAIRPLAY range is fun to use for texture, pliability and flexible hold.

For more info, check out their website here and their Instagram: @kmscaliforniaau