Interview with Tyson Kennedy, By Kristopher Fraser

How long have you been a hairsylist?

Seven and a half years.

Who is your favorite model to work with?

Esther Houston.

How do you handle pressure?

I don’t know, it’s [actually] fun doing it, especially when you have a great workspace.Cutler3picMara

What was your worst experience as a stylist?

When I was 16, in beauty school, I was cutting this woman’s bangs, and I dropped a comb, and as I reached to grab the comb, I managed to grab the comb, but I also grabbed her boob…

What’s your favorite hair product?


What is one fashion stereotype you always find holds true?

Hmm… Get back to me on that one.

What’s your secret to a perfect finish?

Putting in the hard work, and doing it right.

So… as for my previous question, have you thought about one fashion stereotype that holds true?

“All hairdressers are gay” – [Quoted from an interjection by fellow Cutler stylist, Mike Martinez].



Interview with Erin Piper Herschleb, By Kristopher FraserCutler1

How long have you been a hair stylist?

10 years.

Did you always see yourself doing hair?

Hmm… Well… I always knew I wanted to do something creative but I always felt like I had to do something academic. [Eventually] I dropped the idea that I needed to do something academic and found my creative niche in hair.

What’s been one of your biggest career highlights?

Gosh… You know… I really don’t like to brag, but I got to assist on a photo shoot with Karlie Kloss.

Who has been one of your favorite models to work with?


What’s your favorite hair product?

Fatboy, created by Mr. Tyson Kennedy.


What’s your secret to a perfect finish?

Keep fussing with it.

What’s one fashion stereotype you find always holds true?

Parisians really are cooler.







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