Crafting is a beloved hobby for many, offering a creative outlet and a way to produce beautiful and functional items. However, finding the right craft supplies can sometimes be challenging, especially if you’re looking for specific or high-quality materials.

Fortunately, the internet has revolutionized the way you shop for craft supplies, offering a vast array of options at your fingertips. Here’s the ultimate guide to finding craft supplies online, ensuring you get the best materials for your projects.

1. Identify Your Crafting Needs

Before you find craft supplies at the Reject Shop, it’s essential to identify your specific needs. Different projects require different materials, tools, and accessories.

List Your Supplies

Create a detailed list of the supplies you need. Whether you’re into knitting, scrapbooking, jewelry making, or painting, having a clear list will make your online shopping more efficient.

Quality Over Quantity

Determine the quality of supplies you need. The results of your project can change significantly depending on the quality of the materials you use. Decide where you can compromise and where you cannot.

2. Research Reputable Online Stores

Not all online stores are created equal. Some specialize in particular types of crafts, while others offer a broader selection. Researching reputable online stores will ensure you get reliable products.

Specialty Craft Stores

Look for specialty stores that focus on your particular type of crafting. For example, yarn stores for knitting, bead stores for jewelry making, or art supply stores for painting. Specialty stores often offer higher quality and a wider variety of specific items.

General Craft Stores

General craft stores like Michaels, Joann, and Hobby Lobby have extensive online catalogs. These stores are great for a wide range of supplies and often have frequent sales and discounts.


Platforms like Etsy, Amazon, and eBay offer a broad selection of craft supplies. Etsy is particularly useful for finding unique, handmade, or vintage items, while Amazon and eBay are great for bulk purchases and competitive pricing.

3. Utilize Customer Reviews and Ratings

Customer reviews and ratings can provide invaluable insights into the quality and reliability of craft supplies and the sellers themselves.

Read Reviews Carefully

Look for detailed reviews that mention specific pros and cons of the product. Reviews that include photos can be especially helpful.

Check Seller Ratings

On marketplaces like Etsy and eBay, seller ratings can indicate the reliability and quality of service. High ratings and positive feedback suggest a trustworthy seller.

4. Compare Prices and Shipping Options

Price and shipping options are crucial factors when shopping for craft supplies online. Comparing different sellers can help you get the best deals.

Price Comparison Tools

Use price comparison tools and websites to find the best deals on specific items. Websites like Google Shopping and PriceGrabber can help you compare prices across different platforms.

Shipping Costs and Policies

Consider shipping costs, which can add significantly to the total price. Look for stores that offer free or discounted shipping on orders over a certain amount. Also, check the return policy in case the supplies do not meet your expectations.

International Shipping

If you’re ordering from an international seller, be aware of potential customs fees and longer shipping times. Some online stores offer international shipping at reasonable rates, but it’s important to read the fine print.

5. Take Advantage of Discounts and Sales

Many online stores offer discounts and sales, especially during holidays or special events. By using these, you can save a significant amount of money.

Sign Up for Newsletters

Subscribe to newsletters from your favorite online craft stores. They often send out exclusive discount codes and early notifications of upcoming sales.

Use Coupon Codes

Websites like RetailMeNot and Honey can help you find coupon codes for various online stores. Use these coupons at the register to save a lot of money.

Bulk Buying Discounts

Some stores offer discounts for buying in bulk. If you need large quantities of certain supplies, buying in bulk can be cost-effective.

6. Explore Alternative and Eco-Friendly Options

For environmentally-conscious crafters, finding eco-friendly supplies is increasingly important. Many online stores now offer sustainable and recycled materials.

Eco-Friendly Stores

Look for online stores that specialize in eco-friendly craft supplies. These stores offer materials like recycled paper, organic fabrics, and non-toxic paints.

DIY and Upcycling

Consider DIY solutions and upcycling. Many items around your home can be repurposed for crafting, reducing waste and saving money.

Local and Small Businesses

Supporting local and small businesses can also be a more sustainable choice. Many small businesses offer unique, handmade, or locally-sourced supplies that are more environmentally friendly.

7. Join Online Crafting Communities

Online crafting communities can be a valuable resource for finding supplies and getting recommendations.

Social Media Groups

Join Facebook groups, Reddit communities, and other social media platforms dedicated to your type of crafting. Members often share tips on where to find the best supplies.

Crafting Forums

Crafting forums and websites like Ravelry (for knitters and crocheters) or Splitcoaststampers (for stampers and card makers) can provide insights and recommendations from experienced crafters.

YouTube and Blogs

Crafting YouTube channels and blogs often feature product reviews, tutorials, and links to where you can buy supplies. Following these creators can keep you updated on the latest and best products.

Find Craft Supplies Online

Finding craft supplies online can be a rewarding and efficient way to enhance your creative projects. By identifying your needs, researching reputable stores, utilizing customer reviews, comparing prices, and exploring alternative options, you can find high-quality materials that meet your crafting requirements.

Additionally, joining online crafting communities and taking advantage of discounts and sales can further enhance your shopping experience. With these strategies, you’ll be well-equipped to find the best craft supplies online, enabling you to bring your creative visions to life.