Ah, crisp air, sweater weather, pumpkin spice, and everything nice. The raging summer heat is now behind us. We can also say happy trails to the periodic frenemy we call humidity. Even as summertime fades away, we should fight the urge to dramatically change everything about our daily routines in this invigorating season.

That being said, autumn is the perfect phase to make fresh swaps in your beauty routine, especially with haircare. Your hair might throw a tiny temper tantrum during this transitional time. It is what it is, but you can take action against these mane dilemmas. Ready for a seamless seasonal hair routine refresher? Let’s take a closer look at a few tips and tricks to freshen up your fall haircare routine. Luscious locks await.

End-of-Season Tresses: Time for a Trim or Color

Proper haircare begins with having happy, healthy tresses. Keep in mind that the sudden change in weather conditions during the autumnal season affects the overall condition of your hair. To start the season off right, take the time to get a trim to fix any summertime damage.

Never fear—this doesn’t mean chopping off any long beach waves, rather ridding oneself of dry and dull dead ends that are lackluster. Refreshing hair color isn’t a crime, either, in the continual maintenance game we play all year long. Step into fall with an utterly newfound look, if desired. 

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate: Add in Moisture

Summer’s humidity bites, but you’re going to feel a thirsty blow during this chillier season. The crisp, cold temperatures deftly suck that moisture right out of your strands. If you’re curious about tips and tricks to freshen up your fall haircare routine, consider washing your hair less often. This practice helps retain nourishing moisture in your mane throughout the week.

Don’t forget to choose shampoos, conditioners, oils, and deep treatment masks that provide a cloud of pure hydration to lifeless locks—and clarify your scalp. Give your mane some affectionate autumnal love—as much as given to apple picking, plaid patterns, and fall foliage.

Protective Tools: Invest in Fresh Products

The most pivotal part of everyday haircare is using products with ingredients you feel good about. Freshen up your current usage by evaluating core constituents. Keep an eye out for ingredients that combat thinning hair. There’s no taboo in using quality products that promote hair growth or repair breakage in your stands. Increasing volume and luminance is a shoo-in with the right care.

If you use heat-activated tools, be sure to add an arsenal of protectant products to prevent breakage. A spritz of serum helps smooth flyaways and enhance moisture retention when it’s needed the most. Better hair days are surely ahead.