By Michele Smith
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Are freckles taking the beauty world by storm? Many industry experts and saying yes and today’s trend is not the brown and reddish spots that woman once spent hours covering up with makeup. Today’s latest beauty trend takes the apply your own freckles on your face with a pencil eyeliner to a completely new level. Here we are talking about rainbow freckles and no, we are not kidding.

The rainbow freckle trend started earlier this year around the time when supermodel Kendall Jenner decided to show off what this looked like, by posting a bunch of photos on her Instagram account. While rainbow freckles can be easily applied with pencil eyeliner in various colors, there are now even beauty products out on the market that can help you achieve this look in minutes.

The rainbow freckles are not just gracing the cheekbones either, but models are also putting rainbow freckles around the eyes and even all over their faces. One such quick freckle applicator item is called the Freckle Pencil – a product by FreckYourself. The Freckle Pencil is great for those who want the natural, flawless look in minutes. The result is bohemian and mystical and can be seen on runways around the world.

The sky is the limit when it comes to dynamic freckle colors with dramatic teals, stunning yellows and nearly every other color on the planet (the teals and yellows particularly pop). This rainbow faux freckle trend was particularly popular at the end of summer for the faux freckle wearers who did not want summer to end. The look however continued to trend in the fall, with the colors worn more subdued with warm neutrals verses the bright pops of the summer look.

rainbow freckles
rainbow freckles
rainbow freckles

How does one achieve this faux look with easy? First, start with your usual skin regime (clean skin and foundation application are necessary). The rainbow look can be achieved by selecting your favorite bright eye shadow colors and a combine in a palette with a drop of Inglot duraline. A great and popular product example is.Melt Cosmetics Radioactive Stack with Sugarpill Velocity and Poison Plum. It is also very important to protect your colorful eyeshadows, and this is why you need to scrap a bit of shadow pigment out of your eyeshadow case and mix separately in an empty color palette (pretend you are a professional painter here).

Once you mix the color and duraline, you can create the rainbow look by applying dots to your face with small eye brushes or even with toothpicks. If you choose the toothpick route, please be sure to be careful, as the goal here is to look pretty, not poke holes in your face. Try to apply rainbow freckles in various sizes and if you want to soften them, use a Beauty Blender. Last, when you are completely happy with your rainbow freckle creation, make sure you finish this beauty routine with setting spray. Apply the setting spray generously and this look will be set for anything you have planned all day or all night.