Melbourne is widely regarded as the place to be for fashionistas across Australia. Whether it be the fashion districts or some of the best boutiques and stores you have ever seen, Melbourne is the city to be in if you love fashion.

Fashion Districts

While Melbourne is packed with stylish stores and even more stylish people, there are a few districts you need to visit for a true taste of what Melbourne fashion has to offer.

Fitzroy & Collingwood

Fitzroy and Collingwood are two areas you to visit if you are someone who loves the feel of vintage and wants to get closer to what “made in Melbourne” truly means. The streets are lined with art and murals, and there are so many local brands to discover you won’t know where to start.

Considering this small part of the city, you can easily take an entire day to explore, pack a bottle of water, a snack or two, and your nicotine vape prescription, and get ready to discover one of the most eclectic fashion areas in all of Melbourne.

Windsor & Prahran

Windsor ad Prahran is the place to be for a neverending fashion and shopping journey. The area is as old as the city itself, and the space, once taken up by traders, is now home to countless local designers and fashion spaces with a rotating selection of choices.

Chappel Street Bazarre is a huge collection of stalls selling everything from homemade clothing to jewellery, and will provide endless hours of browsing and shopping.

Brunswick & Brunswick East

Found north of Fitzroy and Collingwood, Brunswick and Brunswick East are home to many boutique and specialty stores that prove quirky is the only way to go. If you aren’t just on the hunt for clothes or jewelry, this neighborhood has you covered.

There are several galleries and stores specializing in high-quality handcrafted pottery and ceramics, as well as a massive collection of art.

Clothing & Jewellery Stores

No matter your taste or style, there is most definitely a store in Melbourne that can cater to you. Here are some of the best outlets to visit to scratch your fashion itch.

Haus of Dizzy

If you’re in Fitzroy, you need to head to Haus of Dizzy. Not only do they make exquisite, simple jewelry, but if you are looking for a more eye-catching piece, you will most definitely be spoiled for choice.


Alpha60 is a Melbourne institution and has been the go-to for those looking to break the rules of fashion for many years. Not only is the quality incredible but their fresh and modern takes on classic styles sets them apart.


While not a store and more of a shopping center, Emporium oozes with glamor and luxury. The gorgeous architecture surrounds the multiple brand-name stores and luxury boutiques, with all of them bringing the style of Milan or New York Fashion Week to the heart of Melbourne.

Block Arcade

Built in 1892, Block Arcade is one of the premier shopping precincts in all of Melbourne, possibly even Australia. Here, you can find bespoke tailors, jewelers, spice merchants, and art dealers, all in a setting that has been beautifully modernized without forgetting its roots.


Mason’s is the place to visit if you are looking for luxury men’s fashion. Not only does it provide the classics, but they are also creating edgier looks for a new generation of men looking to embrace the style of the past but with a current century twist.

Clothing the Gaps

Clothing the Gaps is an Aboriginal social enterprise that aims to promote and champion Aboriginal creators. Not only can you find more unique styles and items, but you will also be supporting Native designers and culture in the process. This is also a great way to find fashion and designs that you just don’t see anywhere else in the world.

Four Season Days

Another reason that Melbourne is one of the fashion capitals of the world is due to its weather. Many say that the city can experience all four seasons in one day, and because of this, many locals diversify their wardrobes to stay on-trend and fashionable throughout the year.

There’s no “coat and boot” season, and sun dresses can come out in the middle of Winter. Because of this, there’s far more opportunity to wear everything in your wardrobe no matter the time of year.

Fashion Events

There are also several high-profile events in Melbourne that almost require impeccable taste in fashion. Firstly, the Melbourne Cup is an annual event where we get to see all the best fashion, designs, and outfits all in one place.

There are also major international fashion shows in the city, showing the connection it has not only to Melbourne designers but to the broader world of fashion as a whole.

As you can see, Melbourne is easily one of the best cities for fashionistas on the planet. While some other Australian hubs may try and claim the throne, you don’t have to look far to find someone who thinks the only place to be for clothes, is Melbs.