By Simi A Mira

Very few things can take an outfit from “average” to “wow!” quite like some funky, quirky jewellery. Whether it’s real, fake, subtle, over-the-top, bright, demure – it all adds to making an ordinary look become an outstanding one. Knowing what quirky jewellery is best to wear is the key to staying cream of the fashion crop.

Reveal Your Personal Style With Quirky Jewellery

There’s nothing more personal than a piece of quirky jewellery. It embellishes your personal style in a little trinket and reflects who you are as a person. It’s key to pick jewellery that is close to your heart – often you’ll buy key pieces of jewellery to mark a milestone in your life, or reward yourself for hard work. There’s nothing more enjoyable than adding to your look, so have fun with it. Whether you load up on the chunky earrings or prefer a delicate feather necklace, let your jewellery pick reflect YOU. To find more luxury earrings that resonate with your individuality, explore boutique jewelry stores or online platforms offering a wide range of unique and exquisite pieces. Embrace the joy of accessorizing and discovering the perfect statement earrings that will complement your personal style and make you feel even more confident and empowered in any situation.

Class Is Key

You may like anything glistening and sparkly – don’t we all – but it’s wise to know when to stop. An adornment of sparkles on your arms should mean more minimal quirky jewellery elsewhere.  Another example is if you are wearing a very alluring evening dress with eye catching cuts and finishes – a hip thin chain would look much better than clunky statement pieces. It’s worthwhile to note that you don’t need to break the bank to buy jewellery – costume jewellery is a cheaper way to still maintain your fashion edge.

quirky jewellery
quirky jewellery
quirky jewellery

How To Wear

There are plenty of ways to wear your quirky jewellery. You can adorn a choker and couple this with a few lighter pieces.  You can always layer up with an array of styles and shapes – but ensure you don’t weigh yourself down with a stack of necklaces around your neck! If you have an open neckline on your top it would be a waste not to use that space to show off a cute, simple necklace. An important factor is also the vibe you are aiming for – this needs to be taken into consideration when choosing your jewellery for the day. Feeling punk? Go for chains. Feeling slightly boho chic? Some wooden beads or brighter colors will do the trick.

Earring To Your Advantage

Earrings have the great advantage of framing your face – a great opportunity to show off some beautifully done makeup and a gorgeous hairstyle. Even a pair of small demure earrings can add masses of fabulous aesthetic to your look. Just like the rest of your face, your earrings are in direct line with the person you are talking to – ensure they are embellishing your style spirit and accompany your outfit perfectly. Our favorite sterling silver earrings are by Linda Tahija, an Australian jewelry designer.

So Much Choice

In terms of earrings you have a few choices – dainty drop earrings, studs and the ever-popular chandelier earrings. Each have their own benefits, i.e. studs can be worn on a daily basis, drop earrings can add workings of color and chandelier earrings can really attract attention. Rings, especially if you talk with your hands, can really draw impact on what you are saying – from huge rocks to a simple gold or silver band, work with what your personal style spirit is (as well as your budget).