Hiking is an excellent physical activity. It keeps your mind and your body healthy. Everyone who practices hiking frequently is a healthy person. When we say practices, we mean someone doing it at least a couple of times per week. If you manage to do it more, that’s even better.

If you have never tried hiking before and you’re about to do it for the first time, there are a couple of things you need to have in mind. If you tried but felt poorly about it, you might need to include some changes.

In this article, we’re talking about the five essentials every hiker must know and undertake. They will help you get a better experience out of the activity and make you feel comfortable while doing it. Check out these five essentials in the points below, and learn what hiking requires.

1. Sunscreen to protect you from the sun

You won’t need this one if it’s raining, but the chances are great that you won’t go hiking in the rain. It’s more likely that you’re going hiking when it is sunny, so don’t forget to add sunscreen on the body parts that are exposed, especially on your face.

When you’re hiking, you’re most likely going to sweat. That will make you feel hot and think it’s happening because of the exercise. You’ll miss the fact that the sun is burning your skin, and that may lead to serious skin damage and even cancer. Don’t let something like this happen, and always add sunscreen on yourself before going out hiking.

2. The perfect clothing for hiking is a must

The choice of clothes is crucial for hiking activities. You can’t go hiking like you’re going to work or practice other types of activities. You need special shoes, pants, and shirts. The shoes are probably a vital part of the equipment because without the most comfortable shoes that will fit all-terrain, you’ll struggle with pain, discomfort, and you won’t be able to finish one round.

Additionally, you need shirts and pants that are perfect for the occasion. There are many options on the market. Simply look for the best hiking pants for women and the best hiking shirts. You’ll want those that are made of waterproof materials, but also those that will let your skin breathe and make you feel comfortable and healthy.

3. Sunglasses will help you tremendously

If there’s too much sun, you won’t be able to see anything when you’re hiking. Especially if you’re doing it in the morning and you’re facing east. The sun will shine directly into your eyes, and you won’t be able to do anything right.

Sunglasses can tremendously change how you feel and the outcome of the exercise. Contrary to what many people think, sun rays can really toughen your efforts. If you can’t concentrate on your breathing, you’ll get fatigued faster, and the results will not be the same as you would do without this.

4. Always carry a small bottle with cold water

Physical activity means you can’t carry a lot of things with you. Instead, you only need the essentials with you. You can get a backpack and fill it up with stuff, but that will make hiking complicated, challenging, and you’ll struggle more than you’ll enjoy.

Hydrating is crucial when you’re having a physical activity such as hiking, so make sure you always stay hydrated. It is way better to carry a small bottle of cold water. If it’s summer, this is more than essential, and filling it up with ice-cold water is the best because, along the way, it will heat because of the hot weather making the water inside unbreakable.

5. Never forget the smartphone and make sure you feel comfortable with it

Your smartphone is your ticket to safety. If you’re going hiking in the neighboring landscapes, you have almost no chance to get hurt or lost, but even if you do, the smartphone is the device that will help you reach out to the emergency services or family and get help.

However, smartphones are robust, and you need to find the best way to carry them. Some people prefer their pockets, but it’s better if you get yourself an armband and ensure it is not going anywhere. These items are perfect for connecting them with the headphones and listening to music while you’re on the go.

If you’re thinking about hiking, be sure that you’re thinking in the right direction. Just 10-20 minutes per day or an hour per week may change your life and health dramatically. You’ll start losing weight if you regularly exercise, and you’ll become as healthy as possible.

However, to be sure that you’re doing it right, you need to follow the five points we talked about above. Follow the advice we provided, and you’ll enjoy it every time you go hiking.