Easy Ways to Make Your Body Slim

Losing weight is often made out to be more complex than it is. If you want to slim down there are many lifestyle adjustments you can make to help the process, with the most challenging aspect of any weight loss journey usually finding the motivation to stick with it.

Of course, trying to find a reliable resource for a simple weight loss routine is difficult too. There are countless fad diets, supposed superfoods, and ridiculous workout routines that claim to be the best way to quickly lose weight, when they’re just over complicating what is actually a simple enough process.

Check some tips below for some of the simplest yet most effective ways to make your body slim:

Go Running More Often

Any cardiovascular exercise can help with weight loss by burning calories. Our bodies already naturally burn calories, so by adding some simple running exercise you can increase the calories you burn to the point of creating a caloric deficit.

This is when the body burns more calories then it consumes, forcing it to find energy from another source – stored fat – to perform all its functions. As this is all stored the energy around parts of the body, creating a regular caloric deficit helps to slim down by burning away body fat.

Exercise is one of the simplest ways to create a caloric deficit, and running is one of the best cardio exercises available. You can burn anywhere from 200-300 calories when running 2-3 miles, so by doing this several times and creating a caloric deficit you can expect to lose around 1lb a week – the healthiest rate of weight loss.

Moreover, it’s easy to start running. Just grab a pair of suitable running shoes and hit the pavement! It doesn’t matter where or when you run, simply commit to running several miles 3-5 times a week and you’re going to start slimming down, providing you aren’t ruining it with a bad diet!

Find Exercise You Enjoy

The idea of finding an exercise you enjoy may sound crazy – exercising is tough going at the best of times!

 However, everybody has a workout that they will enjoy more than others, so try to find something that you enjoy as it will make sticking to exercise even easier. Those tough days where you don’t want to exercise are much more manageable when you find an exercise you enjoy doing!

For example, if you struggle with traditional cardio like running, cycling, swimming, why not try something different like Zumba, salsa dancing or kickboxing classes? If you’re struggling to enjoy solo exercise you could ask a friend to join you or focus on taking group classes where you can enjoy a more social experience.

There are many forms of exercise out there and taking the time to find one that you truly enjoy is one of the simplest ways to help drive you towards achieving your weight loss goals.

Eat More Soluble Fiber

Fiber is important if often-overlooked a nutrient that can play an important role in slimming down, especially around the belly.

This is due to soluble fiber, a type of fiber that mixes with water and helps to slow the pace of digested food being released into the gut from the stomach.

Various studies indicate that eating more soluble fiber can help to reduce belly fat and prevent it from building up again and there may be several reasons for this.

For example, when soluble fiber is broken down in the gut it leads to increased production of short-chain fatty acids that help lower fat around the belly. Short-chain fatty acids also help to improve fat metabolism, increasing the rate that the body naturally burns fat and reducing fat storage rates.

Another reason soluble fiber is a great option for sliming is because it’s known to be an effective appetite suppressant. There are a few theories for why this occurs, including links to hunger hormones (e.g. increasing hormones that make us feel full) and slowing down the movement of food in the gut.

Therefore, you want to get a lot of soluble fiber into your diet to help slim down, especially around the belly. Many foods have soluble fiber, including oatmeal, apples, oranges, beans, lentils. Don’t overdo it at first though, you want to slowly introduce more soluble fiber, otherwise, you may deal with cramps and bloating. For an on-the-go,  ready-to-mix, and highly sought-after source of fiber nutrients alternative, check out KOS Organic Daily Greens.

Eat Lean Protein with Each Meal

Lean protein is another important nutrient that can help make slimming easier. This is because lean protein helps to make you feel fuller for longer, meaning your calories go much further and you’re far less likely to overeat.

Add lean protein with each meal and you’ll quickly notice the benefits to your weight loss efforts!

This happens because eating more protein impacting the production of weight regulation hormones, including increasing production of cholecystokinin (which reduces our appetites) and lowering production of ghrelin (which makes us feel hungry).

Our bodies require a lot of effort to digest protein, so by adding more of it into your diet your body naturally burns more calories as it metabolizes the food.

Better still, protein is very effective for helping to repair and build muscle after workouts. So, add more sources of lean protein like chicken, turkey, eggs, white fish, and Greek yogurt to every meal!

Drink More Water

People often mistake being thirsty with being hungry, so always ensure you are fully hydrated and you’ll find weight loss becomes much simpler. In fact, there is a good chance you’re overeating and feeling bloated because you are dehydrated, so it’s time to start drinking your daily recommendation of 3.7L (men) or 2.7L (women) of water according to the hydration calculator from Gymequipmentgb.co.uk.

There are many more benefits to drinking water, all of which can help make weight loss much easier. For example, you’ll flush various toxins from the body, improve your metabolism to burn more calories naturally, and find your body starts storing less water weight because it’s fully hydrated.

Another great sliming property of water is the fact that it helps to regulate your digestive system. For instance, when dehydration occurs the body often struggles to remove waste, with stools becoming hard and lumpy, leading to severe bloating.

When you drink water to rehydrate, this helps to soften stools and make waste management that bit smoother. This means no bloating or swelling due to a lack of water, helping the body to quickly slim down.

Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are nutrient dense foods that offer countless dietary benefits. They are low in calories, meaning you can eat lots of them at each meal, while they provide the body with vitamins, fiber, antioxidants, and important minerals.

Simply put, fruits and vegetables offer countless health benefits beyond just weight loss, giving plenty of incentive to start eating more of them. There are also certain fruits and veggies that may aid you with slimming.

For instance, apples help to make you feel fuller for longer and have very few calories, so eating these as a snack can satisfy your appetite and curb binge eating between meals. Similarly, leafy green vegetables like spinach have very few calories and are rich in fiberss that help keep you full. 

These are just a few examples – most fruits are packed with dietary fibers, minerals, and vitamins that promote a healthy metabolism.

Writer bio:

Jessica max is the community manager at hydration calculator. She is a fitness writer. She uses her training to help other women struggling to get fit in mid-life. When not working, Jessica enjoys cycling and swimming.