It’s so important for models to spoil themselves from time to time and make sure they take a real break at least once a year. Why? A model’s day to day life is spent rushing from one job to the next with very little downtime in between to spend with friends or to indulge your other interests. Even models who work internationally often find that although they have technically travelled all over the world, they’ve seen very little of the countries they’ve visited. Of course, everyone has their own idea of what constitutes a luxury break. While some may prefer to spend their time lounging by the pool and topping up their tan, others find relaxation in exploration and a full itinerary of activities.

If you’re looking for a luxurious break, here are few tips to help you plan the perfect luxury break.  

Plan to your budget

While luxury travel and budgeting don’t usually sit together, there’s no reason why planning a luxury break has to cost the earth. In many ways, an unlimited budget can make decision making even harder. Planning to a budget will make you prioritise what really matters to you. You can choose whether to spend more on your accommodation, the flights or the experiences you’ll have when you’re there.

Look for a unique accommodation

One of the most pressing decisions to make will be where you want to stay when you’re there. Think about what matters to you; do you want somewhere with a pool or an incredible view? Is it important that you’re within walking distance of a beach or that you have easy access to nightlife? James Villas, for example, offers around 3,000 villas in 60 incredible destinations. Take a look at their guide to 2021 holidays to see if anywhere takes your fancy.

Pick your dates carefully

If you can be flexible with your holiday dates, it often pays to be so. Choosing your dates carefully so that you avoid the peak season can give you not only lower prices but also a wider choice of destinations and accommodation. Sometimes last-minute breaks can offer great value for money.

Find the right location

Choosing where to go might be the easy part if you’ve had your heart set on a particular destination for a while, but if you’re less fussy, you may need some inspiration. One person’s idea of a dream holiday will be someone else’s nightmare, so it’s worth doing some research about a country before you book based on someone else’s recommendation.

Think about the luxurious details

Often it’s the small details which turn a standard holiday into a luxury break. Maybe you’re after some pampering and hot tubs, spa treatments, world-class restaurants or boutique shopping trips sound like heaven, or perhaps you’re after adventure, culture and history? Try to ensure that you are staying somewhere which will tick all your boxes with minimal travelling or hassle. The last thing you want is to be spending your time travelling between activities when you should be relaxing. Creating the perfect itinerary means leaving yourself enough time to relax and enjoy yourself and not cramming too much in, or you may return home more tired than when you left.