Fashion trends change constantly. If you’ve been paying attention to influencers in America to find out what to wear, you should set your sights overseas. Check out what Europeans are wearing to stay ahead of fashion trends. If you’ve been wondering about the differences between American and European fashion, keep reading.

Men’s Fashion

Men in Europe tend to dress nicer than American men. European fashion includes more custom-tailored clothing for men and accessories like watches, scarves, and hats. Men are more likely to carry a satchel, which isn’t normalized among American men and is typically referred to as a “man purse” by Americans. Americans might consider European fashion to be “metro,” as it would stand out in the states. American fashion for men tends to be more laid back and include leisure wear, sneakers, polos, and other comfortable clothing.

Clothing Design

The design of most American and European clothing is the same. While some European and American jackets have the slider on the opposite side,the main difference between left and right-sided insertion pins on a jacket still comes down to whether the item is intended for a man or a woman. Many Europeans and Americans buy their clothing from the same manufacturers because most people purchase clothing online.

Women’s Fashion

The difference between European and American fashion in women is less noticeable. Since most people get their clothing from the same manufacturers, many people wear similar styles across the globe. Further, since many people follow the same influencers, those interested in fashion tend to gravitate toward the same styles.

Leisure Wear

One major difference between how Europeans and Americans dress is in their leisure wear. Americans are comfortable wearing T-shirts and leggings as an ensemble or as parts of other outfits. Europeans typically only wear fashion T-shirts with solid colors, as opposed to the many graphic T-shirts you will find in American fashion.

The differences between American and European fashion mainly come down to how we dawn our leisure wear. Americans are comfortable with being, well, comfortable. While Americans are taking tips from European fashion to look trendier, maybe Europeans can embrace the cozy, laid-back fashion of America.