The way you look is essential when setting that impression that others may form of you, whether this is an initial meeting with a stranger, an important occasion, or just hanging around the house with family and friends. Your clothing defines who you are as a person and makes you unique among others. 

Formal Style

One of the most important things to consider is the situation in which you are wearing a shirt. To look good, it is necessary to wear a garment that is styled for the occasion. It is not appropriate for a shirt to be too revealing in a formal setting, and it is more appropriate to consider how smart you look. There are various types of shirts at, so you have no excuse not to wear the right style for you. A block color will often look best in a formal setting. 

Casual Look

For a casual look and occasion, your shirt needs to be practical, and the material will need to be considered for its durability and how well it breathes and feels. The thing that is important to create a casual look is not to think about it too much. Casual looks often work well if they look as though they have just been thrown together.

The Fit

The fit of your shirt is paramount to pulling off that all-important look, and it can enhance your femininity or masculinity by accentuating the contours of your body. The fit is also closely related to the material as some materials will better cater to a loose fit and others to a more hugging fit. A poor-fitting garment will do you no favors, so it is crucial to consider all aspects of the shirt, from the collar size down to the sleeve length and the quantity of material around your chest area. 

Shape And Size

A too-long shirt will bunch up when tucked in, making it look silly, and will give you a collar that exposes large gaps around your neck when you move your arms. A secret worth noting is that a close-fitting or tailored shirt can improve your appeal to the opposite sex by highlighting your muscle bulk or cleavage.

Material And Fabric

The material is essential as shirts can be made from various materials, some synthetic and others natural. Synthetic materials often do not breathe, and natural materials and the combination of materials will affect the elasticity and durability of the shirt. A massive factor will be the purpose as some materials will dry quickly, others will breathe well. A handy secret for those who are short of time is to use a polyester shirt as this material will resist creasing, so it is ideal for the busy professional. 


The quality of the cotton fiber will affect the price and radically affect the skin’s feel and how soft it feels to the touch. A secret to a great feeling shirt is to purchase one made of Pima cotton, which is a very high grade of cotton that will give you a truly luxurious style that also lasts when other garments would warp and perish. Consider a material such as bamboo that allows your body to breathe if carrying out physical activity. This is an excellent material as it is renewable, soft, and light, meaning you won’t sweat as quickly.

Colors That Compliment

The color of your shirt will complement different occasions. Formal shirts may come in a more limited range of colors than casual shirts such as t-shirts which can be much more diverse.  A handy secret here is before splashing out on lots of expensive garments is to experiment with a t-shirt as these come in lots of different colors, and you can see how well these suit your skin tone and the season, and your personality. The primary consideration here should be how well the color compliments your other clothing and natural skin tone. Another great secret for a date is to wear a colored shirt that will create a great initial impression about you as a person and draw that all-important attention to you rather than the rest of the crowd.  

Seasonal Colors

Darker colors may fade over time or highlight marks more quickly, so they need to be treated with care. For whites, it is crucial to ensure that when washing, other colors are not mixed to keep the material looking bright and fresh. Put an additive in your whitewashes, such as baking soda or a branded whitener from a store. When considering what colors you should purchase, always make sure that you invest in the basics: white, grey, and black. A white shirt will almost certainly complement any skin tone and form an excellent backdrop for a colorful tie in a formal setting. Pastel colors are great for all seasons, with lemon and red shades looking vibrant in the summer months.

How You Wear A Shirt

Lots of people often wonder what the best way to look great when wearing a shirt is. If it is a formal occasion, then you will more than likely want to tuck this into some trousers that are appropriately fitting that match your shirt. Wearing a formal shirt out may give the wrong impression about your work ethic and look scruffy. If it is a casual occasion, then it is probably best to wear it out, provided that the length is not an issue. 

Your shirt makes a huge statement about your character and how people may approach you or the feelings and thoughts you invoke in others. Everyone wants to look good, and clothing can help you feel good about yourself and bring about positive wellbeing. Shirts can come in all shapes, sizes, and styles for both men and women alike. There are many variables to consider, such as the function required, whether formal or casual, type of material, the fit necessary, the color, and how to wear the shirt correctly.

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