Diamond never fails to top the list when it comes to using it as a center stone for rings maybe for engagement rings or other rings. Plus of course, the bigger diamonds the better, however diamonds are pricey and as they get bigger they are more expensive. Loose diamond rings for sale in Dallas can be a good option so you can get the best diamond of high quality. Before you make your purchase learn more about diamonds so you can get the best one.

What Diamond Shape Looks the Biggest?

There are ideal shapes that can make your diamond look bigger. You can pick them as your option so you can get a smaller carat diamond but still make your stone look bigger in appearance. These shapes include pear-shaped, oval, marquise, and emerald cuts. 

Ways to Make A Diamond Ring Look Bigger in Dallas

1. Prioritize Other Aspects Over Color and Clarity

Color and clarity should be considered however you should also include other things especially if your goal is to have a diamond that looks bigger than its size. Choose a somewhat elongated shape that can make the diamond appear longer, therefore making it bigger in appearance as well. Pear-shaped, oval, marquise, and emerald cut diamonds will do the trick plus they are more affordable than the round brilliant diamond. You can also downgrade your diamond color and clarity a bit to give way for a bigger carat diamond. Also, invest in an excellent cut since this can affect the overall quality of your diamond, perfect cut can reveal the brilliance of your diamond and make it appear bigger. So pick a good shape and an excellent cut for your diamonds.

2. Choose a Setting that Makes the Diamond Look Bigger

Getting the right setting can make your diamond appear bigger. So customizing your ring with the best settings can be best. The most recommended setting that can enhance the size of your diamonds is getting a slimmer band and prong for your setting. Whiter metals can also help in enhancing the size of your diamond, platinum and white gold can do the trick. A cluster setting can also do the trick in a cluster setting the there is a center stone then a cluster of smaller stones are placed as side stones and they are in a cluster, this effect can make the center stone appear bigger. 

3. Consider a Halo Setting

The halo setting is surrounding the center stone with smaller diamond accents. This setting can make the center diamond appear larger and even protect and secure it. The sparkle of the center stone and accent stones can boost the appearance of the center stones making them more noticeable and bigger. 

4. Choose a Retailer With a Great Reputation

Choosing the right jeweler is equal to getting the right diamond ring. Since once you are able to deal with a reputable jeweler they can provide you the guidance and recommendations that are best for your diamond choice. That’s why as a buyer you should do your part in choosing the best diamond dealer in your area, then they can lead you to the right diamond for you. 

5. Clean Stones are the Most Brilliant

Diamonds have inclusions and flawless diamonds are hard to find and are pricey. However, getting a diamond with few inclusions can be possible. So better get a diamond with the lesser inclusions since can make your diamond appear bigger. Plus maintain your diamond’s sparkle by cleaning your diamond ring regularly to make its appearance stand out.

When choosing a diamond always make a list of the things you need to consider so you can have a basis in what diamond to find. It can make shopping more convenient and stress-free. Then always choose a reputable jeweler since they know the best and they can recommend a diamond that can have your money’s worth. Be a wise buyer by also educating yourself about diamonds. Know the 4cs and other features that are needed to be checked when buying diamonds. Diamonds are expensive therefore it is right to do the necessary things before finalizing your purchase. So start your research about the diamond dealer near you and check their background so you can pick one who you think can satisfy your needs on the diamond you are looking for.