By Michele Smith
Facebook – MicheleSmithMarketing

Denim has made an appearance in every fashion show in 2016 and there are certain designers who are heading the new denim craze. Popular styles for the fall include denim trending in the form of parkas, suits, shirt-dresses and dusters. While we have top designers such as Alexander Wang and Chanel to thank for this year’s fall fashions, there are other trailblazers that are going to close out 2016 from everything from faded to acid washed, to polished, raw and straight up washed to perfection. The following fashion icons definitely have made their denim statement this year and can speak easily to what denim trends to wear right now.

This year Alexander Wang has effectively changed the design of the traditional denim jacket, as this year he partnered up with Demna Gvasalia for his debut for Balenciaga; where he showed a plush-lined topper creating a completely new look and as a result creating the latest denim craze.

There are also several other designer labels that are going with the untailored look. Yes, it is official. MM6 Maison Margiela has gravitated to tacking on a distressed flared or tiered cuff to loose pieces and Marques Almeida offers a signature fringe seam remixing a cuff that hits below the seam of high-water boyfriend jeans. Either way any fashionista picks (tailored or not), anyone can take advantage of the perfect fitting jean look by a simple roll of the wrist, versus taking a trip to the seamstress.

It was also only a matter of time before the no-so-skinny jeans made another appearance. Formally known as “mommy jeans”, this denim trend has hit 2016 by storm thanks to Crippen among many other labels. Anyone can rock this look when you complete any outfit with a pair of snazzy heels. The best part about this trend is that if one does not have the budget for the high end labels, they can even pick up this look at local thrift stores.

Frayed, unfinished ends and denim tops are also showing up everywhere this year thanks to designers such as Marc Jacobs and Marques Almeida. The previous fashion wave for denim tops came in the form of simple button up top or a lightweight chambray. Today’s look includes new silhouette styles that feature off the shoulder ruffles, boxy tanks, long line shirts and wrap tops. The modernized version of frayed tops are not the DIY home maneuver, with the fray a little bit longer at the bottom of the jeans and the look is even making its appearance on into tops, as well as jackets. This new raw look highlights the great texture and the long threads are a great way to mix up any wardrobe.

Last but not least, denim on denim (also referred to as the Canadian tuxedo) is not going anywhere any time soon. Denim on denim is a constant again for 2016, so be sure to not clean out your closet anytime soon. Once again, this is a traditionally classic outfit and it really doesn’t matter what pieces are put together. Denim truly made a new appearance this year and the look is here to stay.