By Michele Smith
Facebook – MicheleSmithMarketing

What does a behind the scenes sneak peek in the life of a Victoria’s Secret supermodel look like? For the majority of the time, most supermodels do not wake up looking like Elle Macpherson, although most have a regimented skin routine, workout in the a.m. and maintain a healthy lifestyle. There are perks too, in addition to the late night celebrity parties and the early morning hours. Many of these famous women can be seen graced on the covers of Elle, Vogue, as well as many others. Without specifying who, when and where – here is a glimpse at model superstardom at Victoria’s Secret when a model is typically at the peak of their career.

Wake up and work out. While most supermodels have their team behind the backstage, they still wake up every day not covered in makeup and the night time prior they sleep with a cleansed face. Most supermodels, especially Victoria’s Secret models already have their schedule for the day and are ready to roll. This means wake up, work out and head out. This is followed by healthy organic snacking, as long as it is nutritious.

Make up and network time. This isn’t just a Q&A for most models, but actually for the Vickie’s spectaculars, it means press time and makeup for the upcoming photo session/runway event. While models are in makeup and being styled for the occasion, they are talking to reporters during this time. This is extreme interviewing in the process of looking pretty from beginning to finish. The supermodel transcends the regular everyday model as she stays calm cool and collected while remaining true to one’s self, while representing the Victoria’s Secret brand.

Photoshoot/Runway time … usually with celebrities. Fittings have been completed ages prior to the event, but on site before the runway, models receive facials and spray tans. There are typically celebrities (think Taylor Swift for example) either emceeing these high profile Victoria’s Secret events or performing while models are walking down the runway, showcasing the latest and greatest of the fashion line. This is preceded by photo time with the celebrity of the event beforehand as well. This high profile event is laced with V.I.P.’s and is highly covered by the media.

The after party. A day in the life of a Victoria Secret model has not ended after the catwalk under any circumstance and this means the after party, which is also highly covered by the media. The glitz and glamour continues and although the angels may have lost their wings, they typically show up showcasing some of the latest designer fashions. The glam continues at these star studded events and many models can be seen in photos with the celebrities in attendance.

At the end of the day. Most of the models not only try to stay hydrated all day, but try to go to bed as early as possible to prepare for the activities of the following day. A Victoria’s Secret show is a big deal in any model’s career and results in huge exposure; resulting in many other modeling jobs.