By Simi A Mira

1. Gemma Ward

There’s nothing better than a sweet, young, freckled beauty. Gemma Ward’s got just that. Seriously, this girl is a doll; she could be just a face or hair model and completely make it work out! From her gorgeous face to girly style, Gemma makes for the perfect Australian model. This girl isn’t dropping the fashion industry anytime soon.

Younger than thirty and first modeling at age fourteen, Gemma has got it going on, and will for a long, long time. By age fifteen, Gemma Ward made her first Australian Fashion Week, and we know why just by looking at her superior modeling skills! Gorgeous girl.

Gemma Ward1
gemma ward

2. Bridget Malcom

Known as being a Victoria’s Secret Angel modeling in bras and panties, Bridget Malcolm has not only one of the perfect body types, but also a beautiful face. Many may overlook her beauty for her body, but this model can safely be known as one of the most beautiful Australian models no doubt. Plus, you don’t see too many red-headed models around.

Interesting to know about Bridget is that she was rejected twice before walking down the Victoria’s Secret runway before being picked to model for them in October of this year. Never say never; Bridget kept on trying until she succeeded. With courage and beauty like hers, she’ll be around for a while!

bridget malcom1
bridget malcom

3. Miranda kerr

This truly beautiful brunette not only makes a great Victoria’s Secret model, but is also picturesque to look at. Though she is in her thirties, this beauty could pass for much younger. Her sweet and innocent complexion draw in all eyes. Of course modeling for Victoria Secret, Miranda also has a lovely body.

It’s amazing to think that Miranda Kerr has been modeling since the young age of thirteen and is still keeping at it! And of course, another very important accomplishment of Miranda is the fact that she was the first Australian to model for Victoria’s Secret campaign, making this model more than ever a much loved one.

Harper's Bazaar page layout
miranda kerr

4. Elle McPherson

Elle Macpherson may be in her fifties, but by no means does that make her too old to model. She’s still got it! Elle definitely displays the confidence any good model has to have. The fact that she claims she feels more beautiful now than she did when she was in her twenties goes to show that modeling has no age limit; it’s your level of confidence that counts!

But seriously, Elle Macpherson is a gorgeous woman, you can’t deny it. Even ten years down the road, Elle will still be fit for modeling. She has the body, the face, the hair, and most importantly, the confidence desired in a model.

Elle Mcpherson

5. Robyn Lawley

Robyn Lawley is a “plus-sized” model in her mid-twenties known especially for her Vogue Italia cover photo back in June 2011. She was also given the privilege to be the second Australian plus-sized model to cover Elle France, the first Australian model to be pictured on Australian Cosmopolitan, and the first plus-sized model to be photoshot for Australian Vogue as well as for CQ Australia.

Having so many accomplishments and being such a successful, gorgeous model, it’s clear that Robyn Lawley will have a very long and happy modeling career!

robyn lawley1
robyn lawley