Sling bags are becoming one of the most important accessories for a woman. Having one is actually being able to make a fashion statement. They are designed in such a way that they are worn across your shoulders. This makes it easier to move around in them when traveling, running, biking, or just traversing across the city.

For their size, they can fit in your phone, wallet, passport, cash, and your favorite snack. They are good for the go, and slinging them across the chest makes it safe for your possessions.

Why Should You Own a Sling Bag?

First, a sling bag is convenient because it’s lightweight. The fact that it’s worn around the chest makes it easy to reach your keys or phone. Besides, they are very trendy and add to your appearance.

Also, you can bring them anywhere, especially in places that don’t require carrying huge luggage. You can carry them to the beach and when headed for a picnic, making them very convenient.

What to Look for When Buying Sling Bags for Women

Right Size

To start with, you need to make sure that you are buying an appropriate size suitable for your needs and escapades. Do you need one to only carry the small stuff like phone and wallet, or is it going to act as the main bag? They range in sizes, and the heaviest sling bag should be around 5 pounds; otherwise, it loses its meaning.


Another factor to look at is the safety of your possessions. If it rains, will your phone be safe? In most cases, sling bags for women are designed to be used outdoors, so the protection bit needs to be factored in. It’s not just about the rain, you may be having your favorite coffee, and it spills on your bag.


Forsling bags are either wide or tall. Go for what will blend well with your physique and also one that will have you moving around with ease.

The Hardware

You don’t have to overlook the hardware of the bag. It entails the weight, the number of compartments, the price, and the design. Are you comfortable with the buckle or position of the zipper? And is the price within your budget range? Ask yourself all that before you buy one.


Now, the quality is everything. You don’t want to buy a bag that will start shedding off after being exposed to the sun. Also, the price range should be reasonable despite the quality. With a slew of designs in the market, it can be difficult to locate one. Durability should be top of your list. Some of the best brands for sling bags for women are SAB, RiRi, or the YKK.


What fabric is most preferable? There are so many materials around, like canvas, leather, nylon, and the Cordura. For instance, nylon is very lightweight, while leather needs extra attention when it comes to maintenance. So make your choice.

Sling bags for women are not only fashionable, but they are also very easy to travel with. Whether you are going to the salon or to the mall, you just pick and go. They come in different varieties from the fabrics used, the design, to the cost. Some of the best brands come from YKK and RiRi.