A face is a visit card of every woman. So, it is not necessary to say that beautiful and well-groomed skin allows us to feel confident and attractive. Some people think that in order to maintain a good appearance, it is necessary to visit a cosmetologist regularly, and the rest of the time washing and a simple cream are enough. However, only with the help of proper care can you save the beauty and youth for many years, and about this we are going to speak in the following article.

First of all, face care is a whole ritual, the importance of which cannot be overestimated, but with a well-thought system it can be turned into a 10-minute pleasure in the mornings and evenings, and the result does not take long to wait.

The right attitude to face care always begins with the determining of skin type. This is necessarily the part that helps to choose suitable cosmetics, as, for example, the products for oily and dry skin are significantly different. There are four types of skin in total – normal, oily, dry and combination. The stages of caring ritual are the same for all types, but cosmetics for these types are individual, and for the choice of it we recommend to consult with a cosmetologist.

Daily home care

Daily home care involves the following basic steps:

  • Cleansing
  • Toning
  • Basic care (hydration and nutrition)
  • Additional care
  • Protection

Execution of each stage is an important part, let’s speak about each of them.


It is necessary to use natural face cleanser for the face in the morning and evening. It is the first and main action of self-care, which many people do incorrectly, for example, removing cosmetics by washing with gel. Cleanser and makeup remover are two different products with different tasks. Micellar water or oil, special lotion, etc. are suitable for removing makeup, and after you get rid of makeup, you can begin to wash. Pay attention, that it is necessary to choose a cleansing carefully, focusing on your skin type. Owners of dry and combination types are recommended to use products that do not contain alcohol. For oily skin, you can choose mousses and gels, and for sensitive type hypoallergenic products are suitable.


The next stage after cleansing is toning, which allows to restore the pH of the skin after washing, neutralize the effect of cleansers and prepare it for applying a moisturizer. It is necessary to wipe the face with a tonic immediately after cleansing both in the morning and in the evening. It is very important to use it, because toning helps the comfortable adjust the face for the following care.

Hydration and nutrition

It is recommended to apply basic care twice a day: immediately after toning apply eye care, and after that, the main face cream. By the way, wait 15-30 minutes in the morning before applying makeup, so that it has time to fully absorb, and in the evening, at least 30 minutes before going to sleep.

Hydration is a very important point in self-care, because thanks to moisture our skin looks fresh and healthy. It is necessary to hydrate the skin of any type in the morning and evening, because lack of moisture leads to dry skin and loss of elasticity. While taking care of your face, do not forget to apply cosmetics to the neck and decollete area.

The cream should be chosen according to the individual needs, and you should also remember that hydration and nutrition do not exist without each other. At a temperature above + 7 in the morning we moisturize the face, and nourish it  in the evening, but at temperature below + 7 on the contrary. In autumn, we recommend to switch to more rich, fatty and dense textures, and in summer, on the contrary, to gel and light.

Additional care

This stage of care is optional and includes various serums and masks. Serums are better to use in the course and apply them in the evening before the main care. Vitamin and moisturizing serums are recommended to use in the off-season, when the skin adjusts to the bad weather, as well as after loads, and air travels.

Sun protection

SPF is not a seasonal, but a year-round product. Ultraviolet has a destructive effect on the skin, so SPF is needed by everyone and everywhere. So, pay attention to the presence of SPF in day tools, and try to choose a spring-summer tool with a protection factor of at least 30.

In conclusion, it is necessary to understand that regular home caring ritual and the right attitude to it are the main secrets of perfect and healthy skin. Starting to monitor the condition of it from a young age and caring for it according to the type and needs, you will save the beauty and freshness for the long ages!