By Gritty Pretty

If there’s more finger singeing than successful twining, here are 8 simple, but effective tips to set you right. From tricks to make curls last to the amount of time you should hold hair up to the barrel (we talk in specifics here), we’ve got you covered.

1. When curling your hair, let it cool down completely before brushing it out. This allows the curl to set, creating what Xydis calls ‘shape memory’ which will help your curls last longer.

2. Most hair textures only require heat around the 125-150°C mark, holding hair up to the barrel for 10-15 seconds max. Anything hotter – or any longer – and you’ll start stripping moisture out of the hair. When you see steam, that’s moisture being evaporated out of your strands.

3.  Curls don’t hold well on squeaky clean hair so adding product is essential. Xydis usesWella Professionals Eimi Curl Craft to extend the life of curls and we spray sea salt spray after curling to add texture and grit. Our go-to is Sachajuan Ocean Mist.

4. When curling, a mixture of thin and thick sections will add to the overall volume and shape of the waves and give your curls an effortless look. If you’ve got thicker hair, Xydis recommends sectioning and working through all of your hair for a more balanced all-over look. If your hair is on the thinner side, you can be less structured – the more movement you create, the fuller your hair will look.

5. Curling with a straightening iron? “All it takes is a half rotation to get the curl,” says Xydis. Don’t twist all the way down as curling your hair around adds tension, pulling the recently curled hair straight so you’re not getting the full shape.

6. Just like you’d protect your hair from heat, it’s also important to protect your hands. If your fingers get singed more than you’d like, get your hands on a heat protecting glove that allows you to touch the tong but doesn’t compromise your dexterity.

7- Hold your wand upside down (pointed the ground) so you can get closer to the root of your hair. This will help the curl hold longer, too. For more relaxed curls, start curling halfway down the length of hair.

8. Which to buy – a curling tong (with clasp) or a wand (without clasp)? General consensus is that wands are easier to use since clasps can get in the way. Tongs are best for for tighter, ringlet-style curls that can be brushed out, while wands are better at achieving loose waves.curling hair