Which Pair is Better While Using a Computer? 

Many people who work on computers and electronic devices for long hours are worried about their eyes. They question whether it is best to wear contact lenses or eyeglasses. They do not know if it is the contact lens or the glasses that give them the best vision. 

Wear computer glasses 

If you prefer to wear contact lenses over glasses, then it is a good idea to buy prescription-less computer glasses that come with an anti-glare or filter. The combination of anti-glare and filter reduces the eye damage and strain caused by prolonged screen usage. So, you can wear prescription contact lenses and computer glasses on top of that. 

The practice of wearing computer glasses over prescription contacts can reduce eye strain. However, it is recommended that you use your prescription glasses instead of contact lenses during prolonged screen usage. That is because we tend to blink less when we use computers excessively, causing dehydration in our eyes. Nowadays, it is possible to get an eye exam and order same day prescription glasses delivery to get your pair of eyeglasses immediately. 

By wearing your contact lenses, you are already depriving the eyes of the needed oxygen supply. When you combine less oxygen with less blinking, it can cause headaches, additional strain, and pain. Eye irritation and dry eyes are also issues that come out of it. 

Switch between them 

Even though you may prefer to wear contacts over glasses, have a healthy balance between them, meaning switch and rotate them whenever you can. Wearing contacts on some days and glasses on some other days keeps your eyes healed and hydrated. It can also promote the health of your eyes over time. 

The best thing about wearing glasses is that they can give your eyes time to heal and breathe. Modern glasses are equipped with the best protection for prolonged electronic usage. Contact lenses, on the other hand, can cause eye fatigue due to their close contact with the eyes. 

Switching to contacts is ideal for athletes or for people who must be physically active all the time. It is also good when you go running, hiking, working out at the gym, or when you need to deal with bad weather conditions. In times like these, it makes perfect sense to wear your contacts. 

Use daily contacts 

If it is necessary for you to wear your contacts instead of your glasses, then find the best lenses that can keep your eyes hydrated and healthy. If you cannot, then instead of a biweekly or monthly lens, try wearing superior quality daily contact lenses, which are much healthier. 

Daily contact lenses are healthier because they are less exposed and are not worn down after several days’ usage. Hence, it keeps the eyes hydrated and fresh. The daily lens has much better clarity because of less protein buildup. It is also at less risk of catching an infection. On the contrary, biweeklies or monthlies are used for several weeks and months, respectively. 

Bi-weekly and monthly contact lenses require much more care than dailies, which are meant to be discarded at the end of the day. For bi-weeklies and monthlies, you need to store them in a lubricating solution. They need to be handled with care and always with a clean hand. Instead, choose daily contacts so that there is less hassle. 

Daily contact lenses can cost more than eyeglasses because you need to replace them every day. To save money, buy them in bulk for half a year or a full year. Make sure you keep your prescription updated with your eye doctor. The disadvantage is that you cannot return them if you change your mind. So, try various samples before you purchase in quantities. 

Apply eye drops 

People who wear contact lenses sometimes get mixed experiences. It may feel good for a while, but then it becomes blurry the next time. They may experience dry eyes sometimes and vision fluctuations some other times. 

The vision fluctuation is due to a lack of fluid or not enough natural tears between the cornea and the eyes. Natural tears function as lubrication, which improves the feeling and vision when wearing contacts. But prolonged digital device usage can put the tears in overdrive and cause it to stop functioning. 

Rewet your eyes using medical eyedrops to keep them fresh and lubricated. It helps maintain moisture on your eye’s outer surface. There are many types of drops available, and your eye doctor will be the best person to recommend the ideal drops for you, depending on your condition.