Hair Colour Trends for 2022

The way we choose to have our hair is nothing short of sacred – but change is always a good thing, and 2022 is set to be a strong year for new styles in haircuts and colours. World-famous influencers, blockbuster superstars and platinum-selling pop artists are all exhibiting a switch-up in style – but which way is the wind blowing for hair colour?

Expensive Brunette

‘Expensive brunette’ might sound like it’s a little beyond your price range, but don’t worry – the name has little to do with shelling out exorbitant amounts of money. The modifier ‘expensive’ is here to indicate that this hair colour style is far removed from the flat results you would expect from a supermarket box of dye. 

Expensive brunette is a bold, deep and three-dimensional colour palette that accentuates your hair’s style. It is a colour trend that’s sure to bring sheer Instagram-able class to your look – though conversation with a stylist is important to get it right!

Warm Reds

Warmer colours have always had a place in hair colour trends, but warm reds specifically are getting a real look-in in 2022. With superstars like Zendaya going all-in on auburn, now is as good a time as any to buy up some semi-permanent hair colour and take your style to fiery new heights. There’s always room for ‘Fifth Element’ style shock-orange, but this year is definitely about the deeper tones – so don’t be afraid to explore the dark side.


Speaking of the dark side, blonde has been a domineering presence in hair colours styles recently – but blonde too has been influenced by trends towards darker colours, resulting in the emergence of a new hair colour altogether: ‘bronde’. Bronde is a portmanteau of brunette and blonde, a layered style achieved via balayage. Shades of blonde are used as highlights to accentuate a darker base colour, creating a deep but sandy effect that suits tousled hair well. 


While darkness is the prevailing theme for 2022, there is still space to add a splash of colour into your life – and how better than with ‘peek-a-boo’ hair? Peek-a-boo hair sees bright, near-garish colours dyed in as highlights, beneath the top layer of your hair. These highlights can fade into your style or peek out from beneath, while methods of tying your hair can reveal your chosen colours in cool and unique ways. Warm pinks, purples and dark blues are particularly popular for this style. 

Muted and Golden Blonde

While brunette is certainly enjoying its day in the sun, blonde styles have not gone anywhere. Indeed, for those that suit brighter colours better, 2022 is the year of the muted and golden blondes. From ash blonde styles to luminous golden locks, these styles avoid the listlessness that cane sometimes afflict light shades, instead adding real brassy depth to hair styles.