A successful wedding is truly a team effort between partners, their families, and the vendors they choose to help them pull off an unforgettable event. The marketplace is crowded with venues, bridal shops, photographers, DJs, and other vendors competing to bring their artistry to your event. Choosing the right ones can prove daunting, so consider our tips for choosing the perfect wedding vendors.

Time Their Turnarounds

Wedding planning deals with hard deadlines. You can’t afford to miss those deadlines, and even cutting it close brings on unnecessary stress. When vetting your vendors, pay attention to how long it takes for them to return your calls and emails. Reliable vendors should get back to you within three business days. If you end up waiting a week or more to hear back from someone, what can you expect as your wedding day draws near? Put a premium on punctuality when it comes to communication.

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Make Sure You’re on the Same Wavelength

Let’s say you find a supremely talented wedding photographer whose portfolio knocks you off your feet. The work is incredible and it still falls within your budget. The problem reveals itself when you discover that you, your partner, and the photographer can’t get along at all. Artists can be temperamental, and sometimes, personalities simply clash.

The upshot: weddings are a people business, and if you can’t work with a vendor, it’s not worth the headache, whether that involves photography, music, catering, or any other aspect of the event. Search for quality, but make sure that you enjoy your working relationship—this is one day where you don’t need bad feelings.

Look For a Wide Selection of Gowns

Even if you never wear it again, your bridal gown will live on in your cherished photographs and the memories of all who attended. When searching for a bridal shop to outfit you for your big day, search for one that will give you the most options. From choosing the right length to complementing it with the proper veil, a lot goes into selecting a wedding dress. Take the time to make the right decision by trying on plenty of variations.

Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

Our biggest tip for choosing the perfect wedding vendors is to remember that “vendors” is plural. Your budget is finite. Don’t splurge on the venue but skimp on photographers, lest you have no one to take beautiful photos of such a setting. Don’t even think about slashing DJ costs to zero with a smartphone and an aux cord. Keep a well-rounded budget to ensure a successful wedding from start to finish.