Step 1: Nailing the Fit

Nothing says sexy as hard as the perfect bikini, one that accentuates your best features and lets you soak up the sun in the pool or by the beach. Every woman has a unique body, and unfortunately, finding the bikini for you might be like a treasure hunt. Many bikinis come in standard shapes and sizes, and sorting through this sea of garments might give you a mini panic attack. Fret not, ladies and ladies; today, we dive into bikini bottom to find you the bikini to make you love the summer even more.

Body Shape, Anyone?

There are not A LOT of body types. You might be an appetizing apple or a round pear, a majestic hourglass or the lanky, athletic type, a rectangle, and many more iterations of some of these common figures. Picking the best bathing suit for you starts with knowing your body shape and suiting up appropriately.

Dressing the apple

The apple body shape features narrow hips and uniform dimensions across your bust and shoulders. When you think of an apple, think tankini. This magical fusion of the versatile tank top and a bottom bikini highlights your most beautiful features. A halter top is a nifty little addition that makes your shoulders and bust area appear narrower if that’s the look you’re going for.

You’re pear-fect

Pears are the opposite of apples. They have narrow upper bodies and wider hips. To make the best use of this body type, think of bikinis that have patterned tops and darker hues for the bottom. This draws attention to your upper body by detailing your curves and giving you that complete sexy look with pieces that work together.

The Hourglass

The hourglass figure, where pear meets apple. This figure shows uniform proportions from bust to hip with a small emphasis on a slightly narrower waist. When choosing a bikini for the hourglass shape, a good rule of thumb is to pick matching tops and bottoms. A high-waist bikini bottom also works like magic.

The Rectangle

A rectangle body shape is more like an hourglass, except the waist is just as wide as the bust and hips. Slim rectangles look fabulous in triangle tops. Wider rectangles can rock one-piece bikinis to create a beautiful hourglass.

Many women will find that they typically fall within this range of body types, leaning more closely to one or the other.

Solving the Puzzle

Regardless of your age or body type, bikinis should be the one item that makes you feel beautiful. There are countless materials, colors, and patterns designed to make you look amazing. Many women desire practicality and comfort from a bikini; after all, you can’t spend too much time in a bikini. Other tips to give you the best bikini look include skincare, always keeping your sunscreen close by, hydrating, and giving your skin the best care. Follow these tips and have a swell bikini shopping experience.