It will be no surprise that the beauty product and hair removal markets are big businesses. Fortune Business Insights expects the hair removal product sector to grow to almost $5 billion by 2027.

Of all the different hair removal methods, one of them is perhaps the most famous; the Brazilian. This was invented and then brought to the public’s attention by one of seven Brazilian sisters. The J. Sisters Salon in New York is world-famous for being the original home of the Brazilian wax.

It is where regular individuals go to get the perfect wax, and perhaps some higher profile people too.

Why get Brazilian wax?

There are different ways to remove hair. Laser hair removal is the more permanent option, and shaving is perhaps the most common. For effective hair removal to have super silky skin though, waxing is the choice for many.

The full Brazilian leaves women – and men – smooth and hairless, unless a small strip or area above the genitals is left.

A Brazilian wax is not permanent like laser hair removal, nor is it as expensive. It is also kinder on the skin than shaving can be, but lasts longer. These are good reasons for using a wax treatment. One other reason is that Brazilian wax treatments get easier over time.

Do Brazilian wax treatments hurt?

There is a fear for the newcomer that a wax session will hurt. Although some say that initially there can be some pain, it is minor and manageable. Proper preparation before a Brazilian treatment can make things much smoother.

A good technician will advise on how long your hair should be before your treatment, and they will put you at ease. Most initial discomfort comes from the intimacy of the treatment, but you will soon put this out of your mind with an experienced professional.

Do celebrities get Brazilian wax?

Celebrities are rarely out of the spotlight. Even those who try their best to keep their private lives separate will still find themselves under the glare of the lens of the paparazzi at times.

Candid shots of celebrities on the beach fill certain parts of the media. And of course, the last thing they want is bikini lines showing in these photographs. So, yes, it would be fair to say that many celebrities do get wax treatments of some type, with some openly admitting to a Brazilian wax.

At least two of the Kardashian sisters have spoken about their Brazilian wax treatments. Both Khloe and Kim have said that they recommend Brazilian wax. It may be no surprise to know that many Victoria’s Secret models also employ the services of Brazilian wax technicians.

Eva Longoria has been very candid about the benefits of having a Brazilian wax, while a number of celebs visit the famous J. Sisters Salon. Cindy Crawford, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Cameron Diaz have all been known to go for Brazilian treatments in the famous salon.

How common is it to get Brazilian wax?

With the roll call of celebrities getting Brazilian wax treatments, you may start to think it is the preserve of the rich and famous. But truly this is not the case.

While it is hard to find exact numbers on how many women have Brazilian wax treatments, there are some statistics floating around about general hair removal.

According to Statista, in the UK, around 980,000 women use hair removal products every day. This can of course mean shaving as well as waxing. However, it points to the fact that hair removal is incredibly common and desirable.

How to take care of yourself for a Brazilian wax

Preparation and after-care are important when having a Brazilian. Even the most high-profile celebrities are human, and they need to take the same care and attention that you will.

Firstly, if this is the first time you are having a Brazilian, go and check out a few salons and find one that you feel comfortable with. The technician should be able to give you some advice on how to prepare.

However, some basic rules are as follows. Never try to have a Brazilian with hair less than 1/4 inch long, or over 1/2 inch. This will end with poor results and possibly ingrowing hair.

Also, make sure to exfoliate a couple of days before the treatment. Use a simple but effective skincare routine before and after the Brazilian wax. A light exfoliate before, and witch hazel or aloe vera for after.

There is absolutely no doubt that many celebrities do have Brazilian wax treatments. And, while it is up to the individual how they deal with their own body hair, for many the Brazilian delivers the most desirable results.

Fortunately, you don’t need to travel to New York to the J. Sisters to have a Brazilian. But, do consult with a technician first to find one that puts you at ease, and makes you feel confident in the treatment you will receive.

Some say that once you have your first Brazilian, there will be no turning back.