A good skincare routine is vital in helping your skin to prevent infections and other skin issues. In addition to that, it also keeps fine lines and wrinkles at bay, helping your skin to age gracefully.

However, there are so many influencers out there saying you should do this and that, use this, and whatnot. Some people even follow a 10 to a 12-step skincare routine, making newbies feel overwhelmed. Not to mention, there are countless skin care products out there, making things more complicated.

Do you feel overwhelmed too and don’t know where to start? Here’s a simpler yet effective routine to help you get started in caring for your skin.


One of the first important steps in caring for your skin is cleansing. This helps with removing dirt, oil, and makeup easier. Some people like to use cleansing balms or oil first to melt hard-to-remove makeup easier. Then, they would wash their face with their favorite soap and water. Then, they proceed to the next step.

However, there are other people who like to cleanse their faces twice. After they wash their face, some like to use micellar water too. This helps ensure that there’s no residue left on their skin.

Either of the two works. The latter will help you feel reassured that your face is thoroughly cleaned. However, note that this might not work for all as we have different skin types. Double cleansing sometimes irritates sensitive skin. But, if you’ve already found a good cleanser for your sensitive skin, why not go for it?


Exfoliating plays a vital role in achieving clear skin. While you see it happening, you actually shed thousands of dead skin cells every minute. And you need to remove them by exfoliating. Because if you don’t it could build up and clog your pores. It could also cause uneven skin tone and make your skin flake. Apart from that, it could make your skin look dull.

If you want to achieve glowing skin, you need to ensure that you exfoliate your skin. It is said that you should exfoliate two to three times a week. But, that depends on your skin type. If you have sensitive skin, exfoliating twice a week will do. Once a week may also work well for sensitive skin. But then again, make sure that you use products that are gentle enough for your skin. This way, your skin concerns will not worsen.


Unlike exfoliating that only needs to be done a few times a week, moisturizing should be done twice a day. This is because moisturizing, as its name suggests, keeps the skin moisturized throughout the day to prevent fine lines and wrinkles. However, the skincare gurus from Absolute JOI says it’s not the only reason why you should do it. Apparently, moisturizers also work by controlling the oil on the face.

When your skin is dry, it produces more sebum. And that sebum can actually clog the pores and cause breakouts when it builds up and blocks the pores. Luckily, because moisturizers keep the skin hydrated, your skin won’t feel the need to produce too much sebum. As a result, your skin isn’t only hydrated but is also free from oil build-up, preventing pimples.

Eye Cream

There are many factors that cause wrinkles in our eyes. It could be genetics, rubbing your eyes, sun exposure, dehydrated skin, and even your sleep position, to name a few. Of course, age plays a factor too. It’s normal. But if you want to slow their appearance as you age, you should also invest in an eye cream.

Eye cream should be applied based on its consistency. If your eye cream is heavier than your moisturizer, you should apply it after the moisturizer. But, if it’s the opposite, it should go before the moisturizer.


Probably the biggest mistake of many women of color is not applying sunscreen. Many believe that just because they have darker skin, they won’t get sunburn. Apparently, it’s wrong. Regardless of your skin color, sunscreen is important to prevent the early signs of skin aging and other skin concerns, such as skin cancer.

Most women of color also aren’t a fan of sunscreens because many sunscreens in the market usually have a white cast that leaves a ghostly or ashy look. Luckily, though, the market has improved. While there are only a few sunscreens for darker skin tone, the good news is that you now have more options that fit your skin.

Skincare is important if you want your skin to age gracefully. So start caring for your skin as soon as possible.